1. Afghan presidential candidate unhurt after bombs strike convoy, killing six
    Two blasts struck a convoy carrying Afghan presidential hopeful Abdullah Abdullah after a campaign event Friday in Kabul, killing six civilians but leaving the candidate himself unharmed, officials said.
  2. Car bombings kill 25 in Iraq
    A double car bombing killed at least 25 people in an area dominated by the Shabak ethnic minority in northern Iraq on Friday, security officials said.
  3. MH370 families to launch $3m crowd-funded whistleblower fund
    RELATIVES of passengers on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 are launching a crowd-funding campaign that aims to raise a US$3 million ($3.22 million) reward for whistleblower information about the missing plane.
  4. Stand with Shia peaceful protesters in Saudi Arabia
    WASHINGTON, June 6, 2014 — The Saudi Arabian government, in full view of the international community, has again abused their power and oil wealth to ensure the world would not cover what is happening in their country.
  5. Saudi Arabia and Iran Reach Out Tentatively
    BEIRUT, Lebanon — The fevered struggle between Saudi Arabia and Iran for regional dominance has for years aggravated nearly every conflict across the Middle East as the two nations armed, funded and encouraged each other’s adversaries.
  6. Iran woos India Inc, points to special rupee payment arrangement
    Chennai, June 6: Hassan Nourian, Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Hyderabad, has asked Indian businessmen to shed any fears of retributions from the US, and start trading with the West Asian nation.
  7. India puts Iran special purpose vehicle plan on hold
    NEW DELHI: The oil ministry has put on hold the plan to float a separate company to deal exclusively for projects in Iran, even as US President Barack Obama on Thursday suspended his action on sanctions against Tehran for the next six months.
  8. Iran train crash kills at least 10, injures dozens
    A passenger train collided with a freight train in northern Iran on Thursday, killing at least 10 people and injuring dozens, Iranian media reported.
  9. Syria threatened by lowest rainfall in 50 years
    UNICEF says the lowest rainfall in over 50 years is latest threat to children in the Syria region and that challenges are compounded by funds running out for water, sanitation and hygiene programmes.