1. Thousands heed Shiite cleric’s call to arms In Iraq
    Iraq’s most influential Shiite cleric issued a rare call to arms to defend against attacking Sunni insurgents, portending a wider sectarian conflict as thousands of young men heeded his words.
  2. MH370: Malaysia reaffirms commitment to find missing plane
    PETALING JAYA: Malaysia has reaffirmed its commitment to finding the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 plane as it approaches the 100th day of its disappearance and has thanked all parties involved in search and rescue (SAR) efforts so far.
  3. Moderate Syria rebel officers quit over ‘lack of military aid’
    Beirut: Nine top officers from the moderate Free Syrian Army resigned on Saturday over shortages and mismanagement of military aid from donor countries to their uprising against President Bashar Al Assad.
  4. Afghans defy Taliban and head to polls with cloud of Iraq hanging heavy over them
    The new leader — to be announced on July 22 — will be challenged with trying to improve ties with the West and combating corruption while facing a powerful Taliban insurgency and declining international aid.
  5. Iran offers help if US acts against militants in Iraq
    Baghdad: Shiite Iran offered Saturday to consider working with long-time foe Washington if it takes the lead in helping repel Sunni Arab militants who have seized a swathe of northern Iraq.
  6. Building Nuclear Weapon Would Take Years, Not Months, Iran Says in Report
    WASHINGTON — The Iranian government this week published its first detailed study of how long it estimates it would take its scientists and engineers to assemble a nuclear weapon, saying that with its current infrastructure, “the required time span is in years.”
  7. U.S. drone strike kills five in attack on car carrying al-Qaida militants
    A suspected U.S. drone in Yemen’s south targeted a car carrying al-Qaida militants Saturday, killing all five passengers, Yemeni security officials said.
  8. Pakistan appeals ruling allowing Musharraf to leave country
    Islamabad: The government on Saturday challenged at the Supreme Court a provincial high court’s verdict invalidating an official ban on Pakistan’s former military ruler, Pervez Musharraf, from leaving the country.
  9. Iraqi PM orders troops to make stand in Samarra; U.S. sends aircraft carrier
    Irbil, Iraq (CNN) — Iraq’s leader directed his troops to make their stand against advancing Sunni militants in a flashpoint city home to a revered Shiite mosque, an order that highlights the sectarian fighting tearing the country apart.
  10. Nine killed in riots in Bangladesh capital
    DHAKA: Clashes in a refugee camp north of Dhaka killed at least nine people during festival celebrations Saturday.