1. Iraq: Sunni militants attack Shi’ite village again
    Kiruk, Iraq: Sunni Muslim militants attacked a northern Iraqi village inhabited by Shi’ite ethnic Turkmens but were repelled, police said on Tuesday, highlighting an upsurge of sectarian violence after stunning advances by jihadi fighters.
  2. Air Raids Kill 27 in Syrian City of Aleppo
    Beirut: Syrian military helicopters dropped barrel bombs on a rebel-held neighbourhood in the northern city of Aleppo on Monday, cleaving the fronts of apartment buildings and killing at least 27 people, activists said.
  3. Al Shabaab gunmen ‘abducted 12 women’ and killed 15 in overnight raid on Kenyan coastal villages just 24 hours after killing 50 in nearby Mpeketoni
    Suspected Islamist militants have killed at least 15 people – and abducted 12 women – in an overnight raid on a Kenyan coastal area.
  4. Sharif urges Karzai to stop militant exodus
    BANNU, June 17 (agencies): Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has urged Afghanistan’s leader to help stop insurgents escaping a major military offensive near their border, as residents who fled the area anxiously awaited news Tuesday from those left behind.Sharif asked President Hamid Karzai to seal their border along a mountainous tribal area, where the Pakistani military has deployed troops, tanks and jets in a long-awaited crackdown on the Taliban and other militants.
  5. UK to re-open Iran embassy in diplomatic breakthrough
    London: Britain said on Tuesday it would re-open its embassy in Iran “within months,” after a hiatus of more than two and a half years, a diplomatic breakthrough that underscores the West’s desire to secure Tehran’s help in Iraq and elsewhere.
  6. Obama sending military personnel to Iraq
    U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday notified Congress that he intended to send 275 military personnel to Iraq to safeguard the security of American government officials and citizens there, in the face of escalating sectarian violence linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which had captured at least three major cities over the weekend and on Monday.
  7. The U.S. and Iran: From sworn enemies to partners on Iraq?
    (CNN) — How can it be? The United States and Iran, sworn enemies for 35 years, are talking about working together to quell the al Qaeda-inspired insurgency sweeping northern Iraq.
  8. Oil Majors Cut Staff in Iraq on Fears Violence Will Spread
    New Delhi / Moscow: Some oil companies are pulling foreign staff from Iraq, fearing Sunni militants from the north could strike at major oilfields concentrated in the Shi’ite south despite moves by the Baghdad government to tighten security.
  9. Iran nuclear talks resume as world powers push to break deadlock
    Iran and six world powers relaunched talks on Tuesday to rescue prospects for a deal on Tehran’s nuclear activity by a July deadline, striving to prevent a long-time standoff from descending into a wider Middle East war.
  10. Mass Arrest in Nigeria Amid Fears of Growing Insurgency
    ABUJA — The Nigerian military has arrested more than 400 people traveling in southern Nigeria on suspicion they are members of the radical group Boko Haram.