1. Boko Haram kills 10 near home of abducted girls
    Military fighter jets dropped bombs on the insurgents, halting the attacks on Saturday after nine hours, said Enoch Mark, a Christian priest in Chibok, about 11 kilometres from the attacked villages.
  2. Iraq, Syria conflicts merge, feed off each other
    BEIRUT (AP) — In a reflection of how intertwined the Syria and Iraq conflicts have become, thousands of Shiite Iraqi militiamen helping President Bashar Assad crush the Sunni-led uprising against him are returning home, putting a strain on the overstretched Syrian military as it struggles to retain territory recaptured in recent months from rebels.
  3. Security agents scramble to cut al-Shabaab online link
    A twitter account allegedly operated by a Kenyan to spread al-Shabaab propaganda and which police claim was used to claim responsibility for Mpeketoni killings, has been suspended.
  4. Fresh poll fraud allegations could rattle Afghanistan
    Transparency has always been a serious concern in the run-up to the elections in Afghanistan and now the system has fallen prey to it yet again.
  5. Sunnis in Iraq Make Some Gains in Fighting in the North and West
    BAGHDAD — The violent struggle over Iraq on Saturday consumed cities and towns widely spread over the north and west of the country, with Sunni militants making some gains near a strategic border crossing with Syria.
  6. Syria says no aid deliveries without its approval
    UNITED NATIONS: Syria says any attempt to deliver humanitarian aid to rebel-controlled areas without government approval is tantamount to “an attack on the Syrian state” as well as its territorial integrity and political independence.
  7. Pakistan helicopters pound rebel hideouts, killing 30
    BANNU, Pakistan: Helicopter gunships pounded militant targets in Pakistan’s northwest on Saturday, killing up to 30 rebels, as the number of civilians fleeing an expected ground offensive passed 200,000.
  8. Security chief escapes suicide bomb attack in Lebanon
    BEIRUT (Reuters) – A suicide bomber killed one person and wounded 37 in an attack at a security checkpoint in Lebanon on Friday that narrowly missed a top security official who said he had been told Islamist militants wanted to assassinate him.
  9. Disciplined Iraq jihadists deft with funds and social media as they advance
    BAGHDAD: When al-Qaida-style insurgents overran the northern city of Mosul, among the war booty they seized were what they claimed were five US-made helicopters.
  10. Indian workers stranded in Iraq as employer retains passports: Amnesty International
    Several hundred Indian nationals may be stranded in the Najaf province of Iraq, unable to return home because their employer refuses to return their passports, Amnesty International said on Saturday.