1. Strange bedfellows: US-Iran cooperate on crisis in Iraq
    WHEN national interests are at stake, states are not hesitant to cooperate with adversaries, and this has been amply illustrated by the recent joint diplomatic efforts between Washington and Tehran over the chaos in Iraq. It represents a dramatic turnaround for the two opponents whose relations, frozen for several decades, have only begun to thaw over the past year.
  2. Iran to back Iraq’s Maliki, but ready to back any PM elected by Baghdad
    Iranian leadership told Agence France Presse and the media Sunday that while it backs Iraq Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki’s bid to continue as the country’s premier, Tehran is also ready to support “any candidate chosen by the Iraqi parliament.”
  3. Iraq crisis: Is the Islamic State the new Taliban?
    When Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi emerged from the shadows to lead Friday prayers the world caught its first glimpse of the reclusive jihadi leader since his forces overran much of north and west Iraq.
  4. Iran says no dialogue with Saudi Arabia on Iraq
    TEHRAN – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has said that Iran has held no dialogue with Saudi Arabian officials about the recent developments in Iraq.
  5. Afghan Election Dispute Forcing Western Officials to Take a Stand
    KABUL, Afghanistan