1. UN sends first Syria aid without government consent
    The United Nations has sent its first aid convoy into Syria without the consent of the government in Damascus.
  2. UN ‘may include’ Isis on Syrian war crimes list
    Fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) may be added to a list of war crimes suspects in Syria, the chief UN investigator says.
  3. Libya clashes kill 38 in Benghazi
    At least 38 people have been killed in clashes between troops loyal to the Libyan government and Islamist fighters in the city of Benghazi, officials say.
  4. Emirates to stop flying over Iraq after MH17 disaster
    Emirates Airline will stop flying over Iraq to protect against the threat of Islamic militants on the ground.
  5. France offers Iraq Christians asylum after Mosul threat
    The French government says it is ready to offer asylum to Iraqi Christians forced to flee by Islamist militants in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.
  6. Huge blaze spreads at fuel storage depot in Tripoli
    A huge blaze engulfing Libya’s biggest fuel storage facility in the capital, Tripoli, has spread to a second tank.
  7. ISIS fighters open