1. French teenage girls held over Syria jihad plans
    Two French girls, aged 15 and 17, have been detained as part of a police investigation into another 14-year-old girl suspected of travelling to Syria to join jihadist fighters there, judicial sources said Friday.
  2. How Isil is funded, trained and operating in Iraq and Syria
    Islamic State and the Levant is a growing terrorist organisation, but just who are they and where does their money come from?
  3. Syria jihadists post video of hostages
    BEIRUT – The jihadist Al-Nusra Front has posted a video showing kidnapped Lebanese security personnel calling on the Hezbollah movement to withdraw its fighters from Syria.
  4. Terrorists killed captive Iranian border guard: Official
    One of the five Iranian border guards abducted by terrorists and transferred to Pakistan back in February has been killed, says an Iranian official.
  5. Deadly air strikes target fighters in Tripoli
    Two air strikes by unidentified planes have targeted positions of government-aligned fighters in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, residents and a militia spokesman said.
  6. Iran refuses to open key base to IAEA
    Iran will not give UN nuclear inspectors access to a military base that they have been seeking to visit since 2005, Iranian Defence Minister Hossein Dehgan has said.
  7. Iraq conflict: UN warns of possible Amerli ‘massacre’
    The UN has called for action to prevent what it says may be a possible massacre in the northern Iraqi town of Amerli.
  8. White House edges closer to strikes on Syria as pressure grows on Obama to act on ISIS
    In the aftermath of James Foley’s beheading, President Barack Obama is weighing up how to increase his military campaign against ISIS as the US edges closer to strikes in Syria.
  9. UPDATE 1-Yemen government offers to resign to end Houthi protests – source
    SANAA, Aug 23 (Reuters) – Yemen’s government offered on Saturday to resign within a month and to review an unpopular decision to cut fuel subsidies, in an attempt to end protests by the Shi’ite Houthi movement, a government source told Reuters.
  10. Massacre derails talks on new Iraq government
    Sunni leaders suspend negotiations on new government after Shia armed group kills at least 73 people in Diyala province.