1. Malaysia Detains 3 Militants Heading to Syria
    Kaula Lampur: Malaysian police say they have detained three Muslim men suspected of wanting to go to Syria to join the militant Islamic State group.
  2. Bashar al-Assad Steps Up Bombing as West Strikes Militants in Syria
    Beirut, Lebanon: US-led forces hit Islamic State bases in eastern Syria on Friday and a monitoring group said the Syrian army had intensified its bombing campaign in the west.
  3. Islamic State Tightens Siege of Syria Border Town; More Europeans Join Alliance
    Karaca, Turkey: Islamic State fighters tightened their siege of a town on Syria’s border with Turkey on Friday despite US-led air strikes aimed at defeating the militants in both Syria and Iraq, in a coalition which has now drawn widespread European support.
  4. Wary of Air Strikes, Islamic State Insurgents Change Tactics
    Baghdad: Islamic State militants are changing tactics in the face of US air strikes in northern Iraq, ditching conspicuous convoys in favour of motorcycles and planting their black flags on civilian homes, tribal sources and eyewitnesses say.
  5. Afghanistan: Taliban Beheads 12 civilians
    Kabul, Afghanistan: An Afghan official says Taliban insurgents have beheaded 12 civilians and torched some 60 homes in an assault on security forces in the eastern Ghazni province.
  6. Qatar Says Fight Against Islamic State Will Fail if Assad Stays
    Dubai: Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani has warned that the US-led fight against Islamic State militancy will not succeed as long as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad remains in power.
  7. Nine Japanese Said to Have Joined Islamic State
    Tokyo: Nine Japanese nationals have joined Islamic State, Japan’s former air force chief, Toshio Tamogami, quoted a senior Israeli government official as saying, but the government’s top spokesman said on Friday it had not confirmed the information.
  8. Britain Arrests More Islamist Suspects After Top Preacher Held
    London: British police on Friday said they had arrested two more suspects in an investigation into “Islamist-related terrorism”, a day after nine were detained including a top radical preacher.
  9. Indonesia’s Parliament Puts an End to Direct Regional Elections
    Indonesia’s parliament on Friday approved a measure ending direct elections for governors and mayors, a move president-elect Joko Widodo criticised as a “big step back” for democracy in the country.
  10. Boko Haram ‘Leader’, Killed Repeatedly, Continues to Threaten Nigeria
    Abuja: Nigeria’s Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau, or a man claiming to be him, has been killed at least three times so far, according to the military, yet each time he apparently returns in the group’s numerous jihadist videos.