1. Salafist danger spawns pan-Shiite solidarity
    Shiite Muslims are spread around the world, from the Indian subcontinent to the Arabian Peninsula and the Mediterranean region. They belong to various nationalities, have diverse cultures and sometimes even have different religious doctrines. Historically, they have never been under a single government nor have they enjoyed a single cohesive identity.
  2. U.N. nuclear watchdog pushes for headway in Iran inquiry: diplomats
    VIENNA – The U.N. nuclear agency is expected to make a new attempt soon to advance its investigation into suspected atomic bomb research by Iran, diplomats said on Thursday, more than a month after Tehran missed a deadline for cooperation.
  3. Islamic State committing ‘staggering’ crimes in Iraq: U.N. report
    (Reuters) – Islamic State insurgents in Iraq have carried out mass executions, abducted women and girls as sex slaves, and used child soldiers in what may amount to systematic war crimes that demand prosecution, the United Nations said on Thursday.
  4. Syria’s army goes on the offensive as U.S. bombs Assad’s foes
    BEIRUT (Reuters) – As U.S. warplanes bomb his enemies in Syria’s east, President Bashar al-Assad has set loose his own forces in the west, alarming Washington’s few friends on the ground and potentially undermining the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State.
  5. Seven killed in Pakistan passenger bus explosion
    (Reuters) – Seven people were killed and at least 11 wounded when an explosive device ripped through a passenger bus traveling outside the volatile Pakistani city of Peshawar on Thursday, a hospital spokesman and police said.
  6. Turkey MPs back military involvement in Iraq and Syria as Isis advances