1. International financial watchdog warns on Iran, North Korea
    (Reuters) – An international financial watchdog said on Friday member states should take action to ward off risks emanating from Iran and North Korea, which it said had failed to tackle money-laundering and financing of terrorism.
  2. Tribesmen blow up Yemeni oil export pipeline, halting flows
    Oct 24 (Reuters) – Tribesmen blew up Yemen’s main oil export pipeline on Friday, halting crude flows, local officials said, less than a week after it was repaired.
  3. Iraqi officials accuse ISIS of using chlorine gas in attack
    BAGHDAD – Iraqi officials are accusing Islamic State militants of using chlorine gas against security forces and Shiite militia during last month’s clashes north of Baghdad.
  4. France announces big coalition air raid against Islamic State in Iraq
    PARIS: The international coalition currently battling the Islamic State group in Iraq dropped around 70 bombs on an arsenal and jihadist training centre in a large-scale overnight raid, the French military said today.
  5. Nigerian Refugees Report Boko Haram Atrocities
    ABUJA, NIGERIA—Boko Haram militants have seized control of as many as 12 of 27 districts in Nigeria’s northeastern Borno state in the past year.
  6. Iraq Blackwater: US jury convicts four of 2007 killings
    A US federal jury has found four Blackwater security guards guilty of killing 14 Iraqis in a square in Baghdad in 2007.
  7. Pakistan and Iran exchange mortar fire on border
    Pakistani and Iranian forces have exchanged mortar fire along their porous border.
  8. US to investigate claims IS used ‘chemical weapons’ in Iraq
    The United States is to investigate whether militant group Islamic State (IS) used chemical weapons in Iraq, Secretary of State John Kerry has said.
  9. Tunisia forces storm ‘militant hideout’ killing six
    Tunisian security forces have stormed a house in a Tunis suburb to end a stand-off with armed militants, killing six people, officials said.
  10. Egypt: 29 killed as Sinai attacks target security forces
    A suspected jihadist car bomb has killed at least 26 Egyptian soldiers at a checkpoint in Sinai, officials say.