1. Houthi chief blames president for Yemen insecurity
    Shiite Houthi leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi on Tuesday blamed Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi for the current state of insecurity plaguing the South Arabian country.
  2. Police action: Violators of Muharram security plan booked
    DI KHAN: Cantt police have lodged separate cases against four people in DI Khan for violating the Muharram security plan by taking out unauthorised or delayed processions in the city and its outskirts.
  3. Saudi Arabia shuts office of TV channel for fomenting sectarian tension
    DUBAI, Nov 5 (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia has closed down the offices of a religious television channel accused of fomenting sectarian tension, after at least eight people were killed in an attack on Shi’ite Muslims marking a major religious anniversary.
  4. Polio incidence hits 15-year high in Pakistan
    ISLAMABAD (AP) — The incidence of polio in Pakistan hit a 15-year high on Wednesday, as the prime minister vowed to rid the country of the crippling disease in the next six months despite a Taliban campaign to kill workers distributing vaccines for it.
  5. Iran hardliners want nuclear deal but no ties with Washington
    Iran may be ready to reach a nuclear deal with world powers to revive its economy, but is in no rush to go further by restoring relations with the United States, calculating this would imperil its domestic support.
  6. Meet the Hussaini Brahmins, Hindus who observe Muharram alongside Muslims
    Hussaini Brahmins isn’t a name that immediately rings a bell for many Indians.
  7. Caste conflict in Muharram worship; police intervenes
    Police fired ten round rounds in air to disperse two groups of people who attacked each other with stones and sticks over denial of worship to deities placed as part of Muharram in Krishtipadu village in Anantapur district on Wednesday. Six persons were injured in the clash and they were rushed to a hospital in Gooty town.
  8. Boy detained for wearing t-shirt with ISIS printed on it
    A teenaged boy has been detained at Jharia police station in Dhanbad after he was seen wearing a t-shirt with the words ‘ISIS’ and ‘Pakistan’ etched on it. He was carrying what resembled the Pakistani national flag.
  9. Bahraini Regime Forces Attack Shiite Mourners
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Bahrain regime forces attacked a group of Shiite Muslims participating in a religious procession marking the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hossein (PBUH), the third Shiite Imam and the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
  10. Australia: Shiite leader shot injured near mosque in Sydney
    Rasoul Al-Musawi was closing up an Islamic prayer centre on Rosedale Avenue is Greenacre when the attack occurred, with friends claiming he was targeted targeted by people claiming to be supporters of Islamic State.