1. Airline Passenger Films UFO Flying Over Iran
    A passenger on board a commercial airliner has caught some astonishing footage of a disc-shaped UFO flying underneath their plane.
  2. Tribes still divided as ‘IS’ executes other Sunnis
    Almost 300 members of a Sunni tribe are said to have been executed in the Iraqi province of Anbar by the Sunni militia “Islamic State.” But that has not convinced the tribes to ally with the government.
  3. U.S. airstrikes target Syrian rebel groups
    U.S. aircraft bombed al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch as well as another hard-line rebel faction in northwestern Syria early on Thursday, activists said, in an apparent widening of targets of the American-led coalition against the Islamic State extremist group.
  4. ISIS mission: Shia militants key fighters in complicated Iraq scenario
    When Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants retreated from the embattled town of Jurf al-Sakher last week, the Iraqi military was quick to flaunt a rare victory against the extremist group, with state television showing tanks and Humvees parading through the town and soldiers touring government buildings that had been occupied by the militants since August.
  5. Pakistani cop hacks detainee to death with ax for ‘blasphemy’
    A Pakistani policeman has killed a man in a frenzied ax attack over allegedly blasphemous comments about companions of the Prophet Mohammad. The officer is now under arrest.
  6. Shia Rights Watch releases video documenting ISIS human rights abuses
    WASHINGTON, November 5, 2014 — Last week, Shia Rights Watch released a 9-minute video outlining some of the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS in Iraq. In conjunction with Imam Hussain TV and Laaya Productions, several interviews were conducted with victims of the unfolding disaster in the country.
  7. Libyan court rules elected parliament illegal
    Libya’s Supreme Court has announced the dissolution of the UN-backed elected parliament, which has taken refuge in the eastern city of Tobruk, while another parliament vying for legitimacy is stationed in the capital Tripoli.
  8. Iran is set to reclaim its role as regional leader
    Most commentary on the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) point to the challenges it presents to the Middle East. Sectarian tensions may have been a fact of life in the region. But ISIL has made it the number one threat to the political order – it cost Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki his job.
  9. Sousse: Seaside home of ‘jihadist’ volunteers
    Sousse, Tunisia – Omar Abbouda was 27 years old when he joined Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Nusra Front) to fight against the Syrian regime. Last year, he was killed in the battlefield.
  10. Bangladesh Islamist ‘may hang in a week’
    Bangladesh may hang a senior Islamist leader as early as next week after the Supreme Court upheld his death sentence for war crimes, the law minister said.