1. Five police wounded in Cairo blast
    A bomb wounded five policemen near a Cairo university Thursday, and four people were hurt in a panicked crush after an explosion at a train station in the Egyptian capital, security officials said.
  2. Azam stakes claim to Taj as Waqf board property
    Lucknow: Making Taj Mahal the next battleground for a feud between the Centre and Uttar Pradesh, SP minister Azam Khan on Thursday demanded that management of the monument should be handed over to the state Waqf Board.
  3. Beyond Iran Nuclear Talks, Real Hurdles May Be in Tehran
    TEHRAN — Far from the flashing cameras and microphones in Vienna, where Secretary of State John Kerry is going to join Iranian and United States diplomats in a final push to reach a compromise on Tehran’s nuclear program, another political drama unfolded this week in a prominent auditorium in the Iranian capital.
  4. Iran debuts US-made helicopters in affront to sanctions
    TEHRAN, Iran — An Iranian company on Thursday displayed four brand new U.S.-made helicopters it purchased through third parties, offering them as proof that the country could evade international sanctions over its disputed nuclear program.
  5. ISIL receives planeloads of arms at northern Iraq airport
    BAGHDAD — Iraq has detected air shipments of weapons to Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.
  6. Iraq seeks KSA help to return to Arab fold
    Iraqi Parliament’s president, Salim Al-Jabouri, claimed during his visit to the Kingdom, that he is trying his best to bring Iraq back to the Arab fold once again. He also hoped that the Kingdom will help Iraq renew bonds with other Arab countries.
  7. Senior Islamic State figure killed in Mosul: sources
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – An Islamic State leader has been killed in an air strike in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, residents and a local medical source said on Thursday.
  8. Police fire tear gas in confrontation at Nigeria’s parliament
    (Reuters) – Nigerian police fired tear gas in the lobby of parliament on Thursday to stop the speaker of the lower house entering with a crowd of lawmakers and supporters, prompting the chairman to shut the national assembly.
  9. Iran nuclear talks stuck, deadline may be extended: officials
    VIENNA (Reuters) – A deadline for resolving a 12-year-old dispute over Iran’s nuclear program may be extended from Monday until March because of sharp disagreements between Tehran and world powers, officials close to the talks said on Thursday.