1. Battle for Taj Mahal continues between Shia and Sunni sect leaders
    Even as the battle for Taj Mahal continues between Shia and Sunni sect leaders, a section of Shia leaders have upped the ante.
  2. Top Shia cleric shot dead by unknown gunmen in Pakistan
    A prominent Shia cleric has been shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad.
  3. Syrian troops kill 30 rebels near Damascus
    DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Syrian government forces have killed at least 30 rebels in an ambush in the suburbs of Damascus where troops and allied gunmen have been on the offensive for weeks, activists and state media said Thursday.
  4. Taliban attack Kabul guesthouse and British embassy car
    Taliban militants attacked a foreign guesthouse in central Kabul on Thursday, hours after a suicide bomber targeted a British embassy vehicle in a blast that killed six people, triggering fears of spiralling unrest.
  5. At Least 35 Killed In Adamawa Bomb Blast
    A bomb fixed by insurgents in Mararaba-Mubi exploded killing at least 35 people made up of military personnel and local hunters on every-day patrol of the region which they previously recaptured from Boko Haram.
  6. OPEC may not cut oil output despite calls from several members
    Gulf oil producers led by Saudi Arabia are expected to press the case on Thursday for not yet cutting OPEC output, despite calls from several members of the group to bolster sagging prices by removing surplus crude from the market.
  7. Egypt jails 78 boys for pro-Morsi protests
    CAIRO: An Egyptian court sentenced 78 teenage boys to between two and five years in prison Wednesday for joining protests demanding the return of the ousted Islamist president, judicial sources said.
  8. Iraq security forces repel ISIL offensive in Anbar Province
    The Iraqi army has repelled an ISIL attack on a government building in violence-ravaged Anbar Province.
  9. Bahrainis hold anti-regime demo in Sitra
    Bahraini troops have attacked people protesting the Al Khalifa regime’s crackdown in the northeastern island of Sitra.
  10. ISIL executes Iraqi parliament candidates
    ISIL Takfiri militants have executed two female parliamentary candidates in the Iraqi city of Mosul under their control.