1. Bulgaria Detains Foreign Suspects Bound for Syria Conflict
    Bulgaria has detained three foreigners, wanted in Spain on terrorism charges, who had been on their way to take part in the conflict in Syria, Bulgaria’s state security agency (SANS) said.
  2. 150 Iraqi Women Executed by ISIS tor Refusing to Accept Sexual Jihad
    “At least 150 females, including pregnant women, were executed in Fallujah… after they refused to accept jihad marriage,” read a statement issued by Iraq’s Ministry of Human Rights on Tuesday.
  3. Yemen Suicide Attack Targeted at Shia Fighters Kills 15 Schoolchildren
    Fifteen children on a school-bus were among at least 25 people killed in a suicide car bomb attack in central Yemen targeting a Shia Houthi leader, security sources have said.
  4. Pakistan: Shia scholar escapes unhurt, guard injured in takfiri terrorist attack
    Well-known Shia scholar Allama Sadiq Raza Taqvi luckily escaped unhurt but his guard was injured when notorious takfiri terrorists of banned Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ) ambushed their car in Gulistan-e-Johar on Tuesday night.
  5. Resurgent Taliban targets Afghan Hazara as Australia sends them back
    In Afghanistan, more and more Hazara are preparing to flee a resurgent Taliban, just as Australia has started returning Hazara asylum seekers. Another is being deported on Wednesday
  6. Pakistan in deep mourning over Peshawar school attack, PM Sharif vows to end terrorism
    Peshawar: Even as the nation continued to reel in shock after the barbaric Taliban attack on the Army school in Peshawar, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met with other political party leaders on Wednesday and said that they have decided to draft a national plan against terrorists.
  7. Iraq seeks one-year deferral on Gulf War reparations
    (Reuters) – Iraq has requested a one-year deferral of a $4.6 billion reparations payment for destroying Kuwait’s oil facilities during its 1990-91 occupation, a U.N. official said on Wednesday.
  8. Afghanis fighting in Syria alongside regime: Monitor
    Beirut: Shiite Muslim militiamen from Afghanistan have been fighting in Syria for months alongside troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, a monitoring group said Wednesday.
  9. Around 300 Chinese fight alongside ISIS
    At least 300 Chinese nationals are fighting with the ISIS, a Chinese official told China’s Communist Party’s newspaper, expressing concern about the threat the militants pose to security in China.
  10. Anger and grief as Pakistan buries students massacred at school
    (Reuters) – Pakistan on Wednesday began burying 132 students killed in a grisly attack on their school by Taliban militants that has heaped pressure on the government to do more to tackle an increasingly aggressive Taliban insurgency.