1. Tsunami Survivors Recall How Mosques Remained Intact + Pics
    When a powerful tsunami smashed into this Indonesian city 10 years ago, the only structures left standing in many neighborhoods were mosques. For the hundreds who found refuge within their walls, the buildings’ lifesaving role has not been forgotten — and for many, that experience strengthened their faith.
  2. Malik Ishaq Held for Two More Weeks in Murder Case
    Punjab home minister says LeJ chief will remain imprisoned until Jan. 6, when he is due to appear in court.
  3. Attack in north Libya leaves 19 army soldiers killed
    An attack by unknown gunmen on a power plant in the northern Libyan city of Sirte has killed 19 army soldiers.
  4. Ansarullah movement warns of plans to federalize Yemen
    Yemen’s Ansarullah movement warns of attempts to transform the country into a federal state of six nations, adding that the government should abide by its commitments under a peace deal.
  5. 5 militants killed in al-Shabab raid on AU Somalia base
    At least five al-Shabab militants have reportedly been killed after attacking a military base belonging to the African Union (AU) mission in the Somali capital, Mogadishu.
  6. Shia militia abduct senior Yemen intelligence official
    A senior Yemeni intelligence official was abducted in Sanaa today by Shia fighters from the Huthi militia in control of the capital since a September offensive, security sources said.
  7. Balochistan leaders welcome speedy courts
    QUETTA – The leaders of different political parties working in Balochistan appreciated Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s step to establish speedy trial courts to deal with the menace of terrorism.
  8. Father of Jordanian F-16 pilot captured by jihadists pleads with his ‘Islamic State brothers’ to release his son
    The father of a Jordanian pilot captured by Islamic State militants in Syria has pleaded for his son’s release.
  9. Iran Arrests 3 Terrorist Leaders
    Iranian Intelligence Minister Seyed Mahmoud Alawi announced on Wednesday that the country’s border guards have arrested several terrorists along the country’s Eastern borders.