1. Muslims must stop demanding reservation: Najma Heptullah
    MUMBAI: Union minister for minority affairs Najma Heptullah said on Saturday that Muslims should stop demanding reservation and should, instead, concentrate on empowering themselves with education and skills.
  2. Boko Haram seizes 40 boys, men in northern Nigeria
    KANO (Nigeria): Suspected Boko Haram gunmen have kidnapped 40 boys and young men in a remote village in northeast Nigerian Borno state on New Year’s Eve, residents who fled the isolated settlement said on Saturday.
  3. No nuclear deal between Iran, US: Official
    TEHRAN: Iran has not reached any agreement with the US on the nuclear issue, an Iranian foreign ministry spokeswoman said on Saturday, denying recent Western reports that the two sides have agreed to ship part of its enriched uranium abroad.
  4. IS seizes dozens in northern Iraq
    KIRKUK: The Islamic State jihadist group seized dozens of men from two villages in northern Iraq while searching for people who burned its flag, officials and residents have said.
  5. Divers Try to Reach Suspected AirAsia Wreck Site
    Divers were grappling with light rain and rolling waves Sunday as they tried to reach what is believed to be the fuselage of AirAsia Flight 8501, resting on the ocean floor near three other large objects.
  6. Masked suspected Islamic militants abduct 13 Coptic Christians from Libya
    Suspected Islamic militants have abducted 13 Coptic Christian Egyptians in Libya, just days after seven men were also kidnapped.
  7. Taliban Uses Child to Justify Campaign of Violence
    Two weeks after allegedly murdering over 130 school children, the Pakistani Taliban released a video online in which the purported child of a Taliban leader explains the terrorist group’s current campaign of violence.
  8. 311 Pakistani Shiite Killed in 2014
    At least 311 Shia Muslim embraced martyrdom across Pakistan during the year 2014. Takfiri terrorists continued genocide against Shiites and most of the victims of students and businessmen.
  9. Razavi Holy Shrine is a Manifestation of Islam and Shias Greatness
    The German lawyer said after visiting the Razavi holy shrine, “Imam Reza (A.S.) is a credit for the Shi’ite and the Razavi holy shrine displays the greatness of Islam.”
  10. ISIS bans Prophet’s birthday celebrations in Mosul
    According to a local source in Nineveh province, ISIS takfiri terrorist group has banned the birth of the Prophet Muhammed celebrations, calling it as “a heresy and a deviance”, adding that the organization threatened to punish clerics who go against the instructions.