1. AirAsia Jet’s Tail Lifted From Sea, But No Black Boxes Found
    PANGKALAN BUN, Indonesia (AP) — A day after the tail of the crashed AirAsia plane was fished out of the Java Sea, the search for the missing black boxes intensified Sunday with more pings heard.
  2. ISIS, Al Qaeda Supporters Praise Charlie Hebdo Attack
    BEIRUT (AP) — The militant chatter spread like wildfire. Within minutes of news breaking about the deadly terror attack on a Paris newspaper this week, supporters of extremist Islamic groups extolled the suspects in the massacre as “lions of the caliphate” and praised the killings on social media.
  3. Amnesty: Nigeria Massacre Deadliest In History Of Boko Haram
    YOLA, Nigeria (AP) — Hundreds of bodies — too many to count — remain strewn in the bush in Nigeria from an Islamic extremist attack that Amnesty International suggested Friday is the “deadliest massacre” in the history of Boko Haram.
  4. French Premier Declares ‘War’ on Radical Islam as Paris Girds for Rally
    PARIS — Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared Saturday that France was at war with radical Islam after the harrowing sieges that led to the deaths of three gunmen and four hostages the day before.
  5. At Least 57 People Killed in Fiery Pakistan Bus-Oil Tanker Crash
    Karachi: At least 57 people including women and children were killed when their bus crashed into an oil tanker, igniting a fierce blaze in southern Pakistan early today, officials said.
  6. Suicide Bomb Kills 7 in Alawite Quarter of Lebanon’s Tripoli
    Tripoli, Lebanon: A suicide blast killed seven people and wounded 36 others in a flashpoint Alawite neighbourhood of the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli Saturday, a Red Cross official and the army said.
  7. Islamic State Kills 26 in Surprise Attack on Iraqi Kurdish Forces
    Arbil, Iraq: Militants from the Islamic State jihadist group launched a surprise attack on Kurdish forces in the Gwer area of north Iraq, killing 26, security officials said Saturday.
  8. More Than 700,000 Rally in France After Islamist Attacks
    Paris: More than 700,000 people on Saturday took to streets across France in tribute to the 17 people killed in three days of violence by Islamist extremists, the interior minister said.
  9. 10-Year-Old Girl Blows Herself Up at Market in Nigeria, 10 Dead: Red Cross
    Maiduguri, Nigeria: At least 10 people were killed on Saturday when a young girl, thought to be aged about 10, blew herself up at a crowded market in the northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri, the Red Cross and vigilantes said.
  10. Muslims Fear Backlash After Paris Shooting
    LONDON—Muslims in Europe are already feeling the backlash from the Paris attack.