1. Bomb blast at Shiite Muslim mosque in Pakistan kills 56
    ISLAMABAD (AP) — A bomb blast ripped through a Shiite mosque in southern Pakistan as worshippers gathered for Friday prayers, killing at least 56 people and wounding dozens more, in the deadliest act of anti-Shiite violence in two years.
  2. Islamic State Militants Launch Offensive Outside Kurdish-Controlled Kirkuk
    Islamic State militants launched their biggest offensive yet outside Kurdish-controlled Kirkuk and tried to penetrate the city itself, part of a spate of brazen attacks by the extremist group against Kurdish forces across Iraq on Friday.
  3. Syria battle between al Qaeda and Western-backed group spreads
    (Reuters) – Fighting between the Syrian arm of al Qaeda and Western-backed rebels in northern Syria spread from Aleppo province into neighboring Idlib on Friday, the rebel group and an organization monitoring the civil war said.
  4. Retract Malaysia’s MH370 death declaration, says next-of-kin
    SUBANG JAYA: Family members of passengers and crew on the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 airliner demanded that Malaysian officials retract Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation director-general, Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman Thursday.
  5. Next round of Syria talks in Moscow in a month: delegate
    MOSCOW: The next meeting between some Syrian opposition figures and the Damascus government in Moscow will take place in about a month, Qadri Jamil, a participant in this week’s consultations, said on Friday.
  6. Al-Qaeda in Yemen says France top enemy
    DUBAI/SANAA: The ideological leader of Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said Friday that France had surpassed the United States as the top enemy of Islam, as Shiite rebels violently dispersed demonstrations called to denounce the rebels’ power grab.
  7. Japan, Jordan seek news on fate of Islamic State captives
    (Reuters) – Japan and Jordan scrambled on Friday to find out what had happened to two of their nationals being held by Islamic State, after a deadline passed for the release of a would-be suicide bomber being held on death row in Amman.
  8. Islamic State chemical weapons expert killed in airstrike in Iraq – U.S.
    (Reuters) – An Islamic State chemical weapons expert was killed in a coalition airstrike last week near Mosul, Iraq, the U.S. Central Command said in a statement on Friday.
  9. Biopic of Prophet Muhammad Divides Sunni and Shia Muslims
    Amid global controversy over depictions of Muhammad, a multimillion-dollar biopic of the Prophet’s life is causing further controversy in the Muslim world. The Iranian film, premiering on Sunday, will be the most expensive production to be made in the country.
  10. Iran says nuclear talks with Europeans “promising” but no progress
    (Reuters) – Iran said talks with France, Germany and Britain on Thursday on its nuclear programme were “promising” but more work was needed to settle the 12-year standoff, the official IRNA news agency reported.