1. Battered Syrian city deals with post-victory reality check
    Bullet casings litter the streets, unexploded mortar shells burrow into the pavement. Disfigured buildings stretch block after block.
  2. Turkey embraces Muslim Uighurs who made perilous escape from China
    Wearing woolen hats pulled down tight against the winter chill, the newly arrived youngsters from western China scurried around the ramshackle, low-rise apartment complex chasing after soccer balls and drifting balloons. They scampered into tents brimming with donated items, making off with lollipops and teddy bears.
  3. French police arrest 8 suspected in Syria extremist network
    PARIS: French authorities arrested seven men and a woman on Tuesday for suspected involvement in a network to send fighters to join Islamic extremists in Syria, the latest roundup after France’s deadliest terrorist attacks in decades.
  4. Blasts kill 6 policemen in Pakistan
    PESHAWAR: At least six soldiers were killed on Tuesday in two separate roadside bomb blasts in Pakistan’s restive northwestern tribal region.
  5. Bomb kills 1 in Egypt; other explosives target Cairo airport
    A roadside bomb near Egypt’s second-largest city, Alexandria, killed a bystander and injured two others Tuesday, and authorities defused two more explosives at Cairo International Airport, officials said.
  6. Abe defends handling of ISIS hostage crisis
    TOKYO: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe defended his policy toward terrorism, as the flag at his official residence flew at half-staff on Monday in a mark of mourning for two hostages killed by the ISIS group.
  7. Seven killed in Bangladesh after petrol bombs thrown at bus
    DHAKA: Opposition activists in Bangladesh trying to enforce a transport boycott threw petrol bombs at a bus early on Tuesday setting off a fire that engulfed the vehicle killing seven people, a fire department officer said.
  8. Taliban attack on checkpoint in Kandahar kills 5 Afghan policemen
    KABUL, Afghanistan: An Afghan official has confirmed that an attack on a police checkpoint in the southern province of Kandahar has killed five policemen. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.
  9. Three suspected al Qaeda militants killed in US drone strike in Yemen
    ADEN: At least three suspected al Qaeda militants were killed on Monday in a US drone strike on a car in southeastern Yemen, local residents said, the third such strike in a week.
  10. Islamic State’s tactics backfire as hostages dwindle
    AMMAN (Jordan): The extremists of the Islamic State managed to parlay their Japanese and Jordanian hostages into 12 days of worldwide publicity. But other than depleting their supply of foreign hostages, did they really accomplish anything?