1. One group battling Islamic State has a secret weapon – female fighters
    Syria: For nearly a year now, the Kurdish People’s Defense Units, or YPG, has been fighting against Islamic State. In the process, they have gained control of large portions of the three Kurdish-majority cantons in northern Syria, including the frontline city of Kobani.
  2. For Syria’s Chemical Weapons Plants, It’s One Down, 11 to Go
    The fighting in Syria’s civil war has gotten worse, a U.S.-led air campaign has intensified, and refugees have continued to stream out of the country, but the agreement to destroy Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons has proven to remarkably durable — and surprisingly effective.
  3. Photos of IS logos on Syria food parcels alarm WFP
    GENEVA/BEIRUT: The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has declared itself “extremely concerned” by photographs showing its food parcels being handed out in Syria with Islamic State logos on them.
  4. Jordan ‘reaping results of backing terror:’ Syria press
    DAMASCUS: ISIS’ gruesome murder of a captured Jordanian pilot is the consequence of Amman’s support for Syrian rebels, Syrian media said Wednesday.
  5. Islamic State kills 50 captives in Syria this year – Syria monitor
    (Reuters) – Islamic State has killed 50 people this year in Syria who it accused of insulting God, spying or being enemy fighters, including a Jordanian pilot it burned alive, a monitoring group said on Wednesday.
  6. 2 LeJ militants executed for sectarian murder in Pakistan
    Karachi: Two Lashkar-e-Jhangvi militants, convicted for the sectarian murder of a Shiite doctor, were hanged here on Tuesday, taking the number of those executed in Pakistan since it lifted a moratorium on death penalty to 22.
  7. Egyptian court sentences 230 people en masse to life in prison
    In the second harsh verdict this week to arise from a mass tribunal, a Cairo court Wednesday sentenced a prominent rights activist and 229 others to life in prison.
  8. Islamic State’s burning of Jordanian pilot draws Arab condemnation
    King Abdullah II of Jordan vowed Wednesday that his country would exact “relentless” retribution against Islamic State militants, as many in the Arab world united in revulsion after learning that a captive pilot had been burned alive in a metal cage.
  9. ‘200 dead’ as regional forces battle Boko Haram
    Gamboru (Nigeria) (AFP) – Chad said Wednesday it inflicted heavy losses on Nigeria’s Boko Haram, killing “over 200” Islamist militants in a border town that it wrested from the rebels in a ground offensive.
  10. Till we run ‘out of fuel and bullets’: Jordan’s king vows to crush ISIS
    Jordan’s King Abdullah, himself a former general, angrily vowed to pursue ISIS until his military runs “out of fuel and bullets,” in a closed door meeting with U.S. lawmakers that followed the release Wednesday of a grisly video showing a captured Jordanian airman being burned alive in a cage by the terrorist army.