1. Bahrain confirms suspension of critical news channel
    MANAMA: Bahrain said on Monday it had suspended the operation of a new satellite news channel owned by a Saudi prince shortly after its launch because it had not done enough to combat “extremism and terrorism.”
  2. Car Bomb Explodes in Niger Town Targeted by Boko Haram
    The Nigeria-based Islamic extremist group Boko Haram escalated its attacks in neighboring countries Monday, as a car bomb exploded in one Niger town repeatedly targeted by the militants and residents said other fighters in Cameroon had abducted 20 people aboard a public bus.
  3. Afghan ‘ISIS commander’ killed in drone strike
    KANDAHAR: A Nato drone strike in Afghanistan on Monday killed a former Taliban commander and Guantanamo detainee who was suspected of links to the Islamic State (IS) group, also known as ISIS, officials said.
  4. Senior Afghan militant with suspected IS links ‘killed in drone attack’
    LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan (Reuters) – A missile-firing drone killed at least six in Afghanistan on Monday including a veteran militant believed to have defected to Islamic State (IS) from the Taliban, Afghan officials said.
  5. Islamic State pulls forces and hardware from Syria”s Aleppo: Rebels
    Amman: Islamic State has withdrawn some of its insurgents and equipment from areas northeast of the Syrian city of Aleppo, rebels and residents say, adding to signs of strain in the Syrian provinces of its self-declared caliphate.
  6. Iraq to launch major ground offensive against IS group
    A top US official announced Sunday that Iraqi troops will launch a ground offensive within weeks to take back swathes of the country seized by Islamic State group, while a suicide attack killed at least 12 in Baghdad on Monday.
  7. Syria says it doesn’t need Jordan’s help against IS
    BEIRUT: Syria’s foreign minister has criticized neighboring Jordan, which recently stepped up air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria, saying his country does not need outside help in battling IS militants.
  8. Suicide attack kills at least 12 in Baghdad
    BAGHDAD: Iraqi officials confirmed that a suicide attack in northern Baghdad has killed at least 12 people.
  9. Egypt postpones all football matches following Cairo deaths
    CAIRO: All football in Egypt was postponed indefinitely on Monday after at least 19 people were killed following clashes between fans and police outside a stadium in Cairo on Sunday.
  10. Prophet’s grandson Hussein honoured on grounds of Israeli hospital
    ASHKELON (ISRAEL): About 50 Shia Muslim pilgrims settle down to chant and prostrate themselves in worship near an ancient tomb.