1. Saudi Arabia ‘engineered’ oil crisis to hurt Iran: Dallas Fed chief
    An official of the US Federal Reserve has accused Saudi Arabia of engineering the global oil price crisis to hurt its regional rival Iran.
  2. Charlie Hebdo: Paris attacker’s widow living in Syria under Islamic State
    Hayat Boumeddiene, the supposed widow of the Paris Kosher market attacker Amedy Coulibaly, is living in parts of Syria which are controlled by the Islamic State (IS), a magazine run by the militant group claimed.
  3. U.N. says Yemen collapsing, on brink of civil war
    (Reuters) – The United Nations warned on Thursday that Yemen is “collapsing before our eyes”, on the brink of civil war and prime for Al Qaeda militants to grow stronger in the country as talks on a political settlement continue.
  4. African Giant Nigeria Relies on Poorer Chad to Fight Boko Haram
    (Bloomberg) — Nigeria, with Africa’s biggest economy, is relying on poorer neighbor Chad to spearhead the battle against the Islamist militant group Boko Haram so it can hold delayed presidential elections next month.
  5. MAS meets reps of Chinese kin of MH370 passengers
    KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has met representatives of the Chinese families of MH370 passengers and says it will respond soon to their request for an explanation regarding the flight’s disappearance being declared an accident.
  6. Leh’s frozen river unmasks the rapist in imam
    Cold desert of Leh has slipped into a shock after an imam was arrested for allegedly raping and murdering a class X student and then dumping her body in the river Sindh.
  7. Houthis say Western embassy closures in Yemen are “unjustified”
    The Houthi rebels, who recently took control of Yemen, have said the closure of the Western embassies due to security concerns was unjustified, reports AFP.
  8. Security Guard Beaten at Bogor Mosque Over Mockery of Shiites
    Bogor, West Java. A mob claiming to be representatives of a Shiite group attacked the Az-Zikra mosque in Sentul, Bogor, on Wednesday night, beating a security officer in what appears to be a minor sectarian incident.
  9. Despite executions and police raids, methamphetamine a rising public health threat in Iran
    Officials say methamphetamine production and abuse of hard drugs are skyrocketing in the country despite potentially lethal criminal penalties for users if they are caught.