1. Dempsey says Iranian hand in Iraq could turn out well
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Iran’s direct support for an Iraqi push to dislodge the Islamic State group from the northern city of Tikrit could turn out to be “a positive thing” if it does not inflame sectarian tensions, the top U.S. general said Tuesday.
  2. Iraq Troops Enter Tikrit, Drive Islamic State From Oilfields
    (Bloomberg) — Iraqi forces entered the central city of Tikrit in an attempt to drive out Islamic State militants, and regained control of two oilfields in the region, a local official said.
  3. Will US-Israel rift benefit Palestinians?
    Senior Palestinian Authority (PA) officials have been intently monitoring the American reaction to the crisis between US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as Israel’s moves surrounding Netanyahu’s speech March 3 before the US Congress. As far as they’re concerned, the current crisis could herald a change in the rules of the game, for them, too.
  4. Hezbollah backs Syrian troops in push for Golan Heights
    Syrian forces supported by Iran and Hezbollah are fighting to regain strategic territory from rebels in the south.
  5. Shiite alleges plot to assassinate Zakzaky
    The Shiite group in Nigeria said it has uncovered a grand plot to arrest and kill its leader, Ibraheem El-Zakzaky.
  6. Iraq’s Sunnis: The choice between ISIS and Shiite militia
    Yesterday, the Iraqi army launched its biggest offensive against the Islamic State (ISIS) since the fall of Mosul last June. Prime Minister Abadi announced that the towns of “Samarra, Dhuluiya, Balad, Dujail, al-Alam, al-Door, and Tikrit” would be liberated from ISIS.
  7. Iranian-backed Shiite militias lead Iraq’s fight to retake Tikrit
    The Iraqi Security Forces, supported by several Iranian-backed Shiite militias and Sunni tribal fighters, have launched an offensive to retake Tikrit from the Islamic State, which has held the central Iraqi city since June 2014.
  8. ISIS is destroying ancient artefacts to send a message of intent
    Distressing scenes of the destruction of ancient artefacts by ISIS in the Archaeological Museum in Mosul in northern Iraq have been widely reported in recent days.
  9. Roadside bombs slow attempt to liberate Iraqi city from Isis
    Shia fighters backed by Iran join Sunni tribal warriors and Baghdad government troops in attempt to oust Islamic State from Tikrit
  10. Netanyahu Speech Raises Burden for Obama on Iran Nuclear Talks
    WASHINGTON — President Obama’s task of selling a potential nuclear agreement with Iran to a skeptical Congress became far harder on Tuesday after an impassioned speech by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to lawmakers already nervous about the deal.