1. ISIS Finds New Frontier in Chaotic Libya
    SURT, Libya — The Islamic State has established more than a foothold in this Mediterranean port. Its fighters dominate the city center so thoroughly that a Libyan brigade sent to dislodge the group remains camped on the outskirts, visibly afraid to enter and allowing the extremists to come and go as they please.
  2. Hard-line Iranian cleric elected leader of influential panel
    An influential panel of Iranian clerics chose a hard-liner as its new chairman Tuesday in a decision seen by one analyst as troubling for nuclear negotiations with the international community.
  3. Iraq seizes town on outskirts of Islamic State-held Tikrit
    BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraqi soldiers and Shiite militiamen captured a town Tuesday on the outskirts of the Islamic State-held city of Tikrit, sealing off Saddam Hussein’s hometown in preparation to confront the extremists in one of their biggest strongholds, officials said.
  4. Saudi Arabia Prepares for Iranian Nuclear Deal
    Saudi Arabia has been pulling out the diplomatic stops in anticipation of what it sees as an unfavorable nuclear deal between the West and Iran.
  5. Dozens escape Islamic State-run jail in Syria: monitor
    BEIRUT (Reuters) – About 95 captives, including Kurdish fighters, escaped from an Islamic State-run prison in northern Syria but most have been recaptured, a monitoring group said on Tuesday.
  6. Iraqi and Shiite Forces Seize Large Parts of Tikrit From Islamic State
    BAGHDAD — Iraqi security forces and allied Shiite militias seized large parts of Tikrit on Tuesday, amid reports that most of the Islamic State militants battling to hold the city had begun retreating, security officials said.
  7. Iran blames Yemen president for crisis in Sanaa
    Tehran (AFP) – Iran warned Tuesday of possible “disintegration or civil war” in Yemen, criticising President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi for leaving the capital Sanaa and basing himself in the southern city of Aden.
  8. Maliki: Only Shiite Militia Protects Unity of Iraq
    Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki has said that the experience of the Shiite militia group Hashdi al-Sha’bi is the only thing safeguarding the unity of Iraq.
  9. Iran continues to boast of its regional reach
    Iran has returned to its historical roots of being an “empire,” boasted Ali Younesi, a top advisor to President Hassan Rouhani, in the latest of a series of comments from officials in Tehran that point to the country’s reach in the region. – See more at: http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/iran-continues-boast-regional-reach-944755422#sthash.YsKAhjta.dpuf
  10. Iran birth drive ‘turns women into baby-making machines’
    Draft laws aimed at boosting the birth rate in Iran reduce women to “baby-making machines”, the rights group Amnesty International warns.