1. Iraq militia chief slams army ‘weaklings’ over Tikrit strikes
    Camp Ashraf (Iraq) (AFP) – The head of a powerful Shiite militia on Sunday criticised “weaklings” in the Iraqi army who want US-led air strikes to support the massive operation to retake Tikrit from jihadists.
  2. Saudi anguish over Iranian gains
    Iran’s allies are gaining strength on Saudi Arabia’s borders, creating the worst security environment for the kingdom in decades.
  3. Iran wages psychological war against IS
    The fight between the Iraqi government and the Shiite paramilitary forces on one side, and the forces of the Islamic State (IS) on the other, has entered a new phase in the past three months: a transitory balance of power.
  4. Aleppo’s Christians see regime as last hope
    The conflict in Syria entered its fifth year this month, and many parts of the country and their inhabitants are hardly recognizable.
  5. Fearing Islamic State, some Afghan Shi’ites seek help from old enemies
    KABUL (Reuters) – Even by Afghanistan’s standards of often-shifting alliances, a recent meeting between ethnic Hazara elders and local commanders of the Taliban insurgents who have persecuted them for years was extraordinary.
  6. AP Analysis: Is Israel democratic? Not so clear
    JERUSALEM (AP) — Is Israel a democracy? The answer is not so straightforward, and it increasingly matters given the diplomatic fallout over hardliner Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election last week.
  7. The many names of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
    BAGHDAD — Even to those who have hunted him and followed his every move, Islamic State (IS) Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi remains a mystery.
  8. Car Bomb Kills 8 in Shiite Area of Baghdad: Officials
    Baghdad: A car bombing in the Shiite-majority Sadr City area of north Baghdad killed eight people and wounded more than 20 today, Iraqi security and medical officials said.
  9. Shia scholar attacked in Old City
    HYDERABAD: In an incident that has invited condemnation from various quarters, miscreants attacked noted Shia Islamic scholar Taqi Raza Abidi’s group and vandalized a vehicle near the Rein Bazaar police station in the Old City.
  10. U.S. opens up to Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Syria, and Iran
    The appointment of Robert Malley as White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf Region is not considered a sufficient indicator that there will be any radical change in U.S. strategy despite the campaign launched against the U.S. by the Zionists due to its openness to Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Syria and Iran.