1. Iraq special forces advance in Tikrit, U.S. coalition joins fight
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi special forces advanced on central Tikrit on Thursday as U.S.-led coalition planes joined the largest offensive yet against Islamic State militants holding out in Saddam Hussein’s home city.
  2. Iraqi Shiite cleric calls for unity after militia pullout
    BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq’s most revered Shiite cleric on Friday called for unity among the country’s forces battling the Islamic State group after most of the Iran-backed Shiite militias pulled out of the offensive in the militant-held city of Tikrit in protest over U.S. airstrikes there.
  3. Iran accuses Turkish leader Erdogan of fomenting regional strife
    DUBAI (Reuters) – Iran’s foreign minister accused Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Friday of fomenting strife in the Middle East, rebuffing his accusation that Iran was trying to dominate the region.
  4. Obama Release Of Secret Report On Israel Nukes Betrays Ally
    Mideast: Quietly, the Obama administration has released details of Israel’s nuclear program through the Defense Department. It was no accident, and could have a devastating impact on the balance of power in the region.
  5. Pakistan’s long history of fighting Saudi Arabia’s wars
    Saudi Arabia’s campaign against Houthi rebel forces in Yemen, which began with waves of airstrikes overnight on Thursday, has laid down a new marker in the dangerously unstable Middle East.
  6. Iraqi Shia militias refuse to fight with coalition against ISIS
    The U.S.-led coalition engaged in airstrikes against ISIS is locked in a major confrontation with some of its most important de facto allies on the ground.
  7. Sunni-Shia proxy war not limited to Yemen
    Saudi Arabia has cobbled together the most significant coalition of Sunni states in decades to do battle with Iranian backed, Shia militias and terrorists who are setting the Middle East on fire.
  8. New Delhi will send two ships to Yemen to evacuate stranded Indians
    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Indian government is preparing to carry out yet another evacuation from trouble-torn middle-eastern country Yemen.
  9. Despite Saudi-led airstrikes, Shiite rebels continue to advance in Yemen
    SANAA, Yemen — Shiite rebels reached the outskirts of the key southern city of Aden on Friday, boldly defying a bombing campaign led by Saudi Arabia that is seeking to push them back and carve out a protected space for the country’s beleaguered president.
  10. Tribes kill 21 Shiite rebels in south Yemen: local official
    Aden (AFP) – At least 21 Yemeni Shiite rebels were killed Friday when residents in a tribal southern region opened fire at their vehicles, a local official and witnesses told AFP.