1. US: Iran sanctions will be removed in phases
    The United States warned Thursday that sanctions on Iran will be lifted in stages as a nuclear deal is implemented, after Tehran demanded they be removed as soon as it comes into force.
  2. India’s Ayatollah Myopia
    As Sunni jihadists and Shia militias square off across much of the Middle East, should nearby India be rooting for one side to prevail?
  3. How far does Iran’s backing of Yemen rebels go?
    Iran’s backing of Shiite Huthi rebels came under fire from Washington on Thursday, but while there can be no doubt of Tehran’s support for the movement, the full extent is unclear.
  4. Opinion: The new agreement between Turkey and Iran
    Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to Tehran is part of a meandering Turkish policy between Arabs and Iranians. Turkey has not presented a compelling vision of regional policy, writes DW’s Thomas Seibert.
  5. Khamenei criticizes Saudi airstrikes, nuclear agreement
    Though it was a meeting with orators, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei seized the moment to launch a verbal war on his country’s main regional foe, Saudi Arabia, and to stress his previously drawn red lines regarding the nuclear talks.
  6. US warns Tehran over aiding rebels in Yemen
    Washington yesterday warned it would not “stand by” while Iran supports rebels in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition pounded anti-government forces at the start of a third week of bombings.
  7. US warns Iran on backing Yemen rebels, Tehran defiant
    Aden (AFP) – Washington warned it would not stand by while Tehran supports Shiite rebels in Yemen, as Iran’s supreme leader denounced Saudi-led air strikes in the country as “criminal acts”.
  8. Shiite rebels overrun Yemeni provincial capital
    SANAA, Yemen — Shiite rebels and allied troops overran the capital of an oil-rich Yemeni province in a heavily Sunni area on Thursday, making significant territorial gains despite Saudi-led airstrikes, now entering their third week.
  9. Jawad turns to MSY to ensure fair Shia poll
    LUCKNOW: Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawad on Thursday sought intervention of Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav into alleged anomalies in preparation of voter list for the election of Shia Central Wakf Board, UP.
  10. Pakistan Tells Iran It’s Leaning Against Saudi Yemen Fight
    Pakistan signaled to Iran that it’s leaning toward rejecting a request from Saudi Arabia to join its fight in Yemen as the South Asian nation looks to avoid becoming entangled in a conflict between the Middle East powers.