1. Humanitarian Crisis Grows as Iraqis Flee ISIS Threat
    BAGHDAD — In an intensifying humanitarian crisis in Iraq’s embattled Anbar Province, thousands of residents are fleeing a pitched battle between Islamic State militants and pro-government forces around the provincial capital.
  2. Raging Yemen conflict displaces at least 150,000 people
    CAIRO—Amid punishing hardships on the ground, at least 150,000 people have been displaced by the conflict raging in Yemen, the United Nations said Friday, and the death toll has surpassed 750.
  3. Iraq massacre site turns into ‘shrine’ of anti-IS war
    On the Tigris River waterfront where jihadists executed hundreds of captured Iraqi army recruits last year, bloodstains are gradually being covered by streaks of candle wax dripping down the quay.
  4. Al Qaeda seizes large weapons depot in eastern Yemen
    SANAA, Yemen — Al Qaeda’s Yemen branch routed government forces from a large weapons depot in the country’s east on Friday, seizing dozens of tanks, Katyusha rocket launchers and small arms, security officials said, as airstrikes by a Saudi-led coalition intensified in the capital, Sanaa, and also in Yemen’s second-largest city.
  5. Terrorists behead 5 Shia Hazaras in Afghanistan
    Terrorists have decapitated five Shia Muslims belonging to the Hazara ethnic group in the southeastern Afghan province of Ghazni.
  6. Cops freeze framed cleric book
    Ahmedabad, April 17: Gujarat police have at the last minute blocked the release of a book by a Muslim cleric that accuses senior police officers of framing him in the Akshardham terror case and torturing him.
  7. Muslims have drifted from faith: Modi aide Sareshwala
    A Muslim male remembers Islamic shariah only when he wants to avoid maintenance allowance to his divorcee wife or when he wants to give minimum share of parental property, Zafar Sareshwala, the Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) said Friday in a statement that is bound to invite sharp reactions from the minority community.
  8. Egypt: We asked EU to freeze assets of two Brotherhood leaders
    Egypt has asked the EU to freeze the assets of two Muslims Brotherhood leaders however they have not received a response yet, an official revealed yesterday.
  9. Egypt To Confront ‘Threats of Atheists, Baha’is and Shiites’ With New ‘Special Groups’
    In a meeting held Tuesday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Religious Endowments in Downtown Cairo, Minister Mohamed Mokhtar Goma’a stated that he plans to form special groups dedicated to spreading awareness of the “threats” of atheism and the Baha’i and Shi’a religions, in addition to social issues such as drug addiction and murder.
  10. Iraq: Growth of the Shia militia
    When Islamic State (IS) seized control of Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, in June 2014, along with other parts of the predominantly Sunni Arab north-west, Iraq’s Shia militia were mobilised to launch a counter-offensive against the jihadists.