1. Isis in Iraq: Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi Shia militias form wary ‘marriage of convenience’ to oust Islamist insurgents ahead of push on Kirkuk
    Among the lush meadows that cover the countryside around Kirkuk, fighters from the village of Bashir look toward their home. Flanked by the brightly coloured banners of one of Iraq’s Shia militias, they are preparing an attack on the Isis snipers who stalk the otherwise empty streets of the village, one mile away.
  2. Iran, Australia To Share Intelligence On Australians Fighting For ISIS
    Australia and Iran have agreed to share intelligence on Australians fighting for militant groups in Iraq, Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop announced on Sunday.
  3. Oil prices rise in Asian trade
    Oil prices rose in Asia on Monday, fuelled by sustained unrest in the crude-rich Middle East, while also gaining support on hopes that declining US production will ease a global supply glut, analysts said.
  4. Yemen Shiite rebel leader vows not to surrender amid strikes
    SANAA, Yemen – A Shiite rebel leader in Yemen vowed to not surrender Sunday amid Saudi-led airstrikes in a rambling speech that rejected U.N. efforts to halt violence there, even as the political party of the country’s former leader welcomed international efforts for a cease-fire.
  5. Saudis will have to hit Qaeda in Yemen: analysts
    With its campaign against Yemeni rebels at full throttle, Saudi Arabia has spared Al-Qaeda which has capitalised on the chaos, but experts say Riyadh will have to hit them eventually.
  6. Final sentence in murder of Shiite leader Hassan Shehata expected June 13
    CAIRO: The final judgement in a case surrounding the murder of Shiite leader, Hassan Shehata, is expected June 13 , Youm7 reported.
  7. An Iraqi Shiite militia group says DNA proves Saddam’s right-hand man is dead
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – An Iraqi Shi’ite militia group said on Sunday it had conducted DNA tests to prove the death of Ezzat al-Douri, former right-hand man to the late president Saddam Hussein, who after the 2003 U.S. invasion was ranked by Washington as the sixth most-wanted Iraqi.
  8. Pro-Saudi Arabia rally held
    LAHORE – The Markazi Jamiat Ahlehadith has taken out a rally from Nasir Bagh to Punjab Assembly in support of Saudi Arabia urging Pakistani government to send troops for the defence of the holly land immediately.
  9. 35 Killed in ISIS’ First Claimed Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan
    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, and Daesh) claimed responsibility for a major suicide bomb attack, which took place on Saturday and killed 35 people and injured over 100 others, in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
  10. Union Jamaat ameer among 36 held in Satkhira
    Police in an overnight drive arrested 36 people, including a union unit ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami, on charges of subversive activities, from different places of Satkhira district.