1. Saudi Jets End Bombing Lull as Houthis Take Base in Yemen
    Saudi Arabia renewed its aerial assault on Shiite rebels in Yemen, a day after saying it would scale back military operations.
  2. Iraqi tribesmen fight their own after breaking with IS group
    MAKHMOUR, Iraq (AP) — When Islamic State militants swept across northern Iraq last summer, the Sunni al-Lehib tribe welcomed them as revolutionaries fighting the Shiite-led government in Baghdad.
  3. The Real Power Behind The Islamic State
    Reports emerged Tuesday that the notorious leader of jihadist group the Islamic State (IS), sometimes referred to as ISIS or ISIL, has been recovering from serious injuries inflicted during a U.S.-coalition led airstrike for more than a month.
  4. India takes Al Jazeera off air in Kashmir map row
    India’s government took Al Jazeera news channel off the air on Wednesday for five days after officials insisted it had repeatedly shown wrong maps of disputed Kashmir.
  5. Yemenis baffled by halt to Saudi-led air war
    Sanaa (AFP) – Yemenis have been taken by surprise by a Saudi-led coalition’s decision to end its air campaign against rebels, but they fear the crisis in their country is far from over.
  6. Suicide car bombing kills 8 Iraqi Shiite pilgrims
    BAGHDAD – (AP) — Iraqi authorities say a suicide car bomb went off next to a crowd of Shiite pilgrims near the town of Balad as they were returning from the city of Samarra, killing eight and wounding 16.
  7. Yemen rebels call for rally as Saudi airstrikes end
    Yemen’s Shia rebels have called for a massive rally in the capital, Sana’a, to mark the end of the month-long Saudi-led airstrikes campaign.
  8. Shiite Iran Aiding Sunni Hamas to Attack Israel: Editor
    Iran is the leading Shiite Muslim force in an increasingly brutal war with Sunni Muslim rivals in the Middle East, but that hasn’t prevented Tehran from working hard to rebuild its relations with Hamas — the Sunni terror group that rules Gaza.
  9. Shia school of Islam shuns terrorism: Judiciary chief
    TEHRAN – The Shia school of Islam does not advocate terror and violence, as the true believers of the Sunni school of Islam also oppose such acts, the Iranian Judiciary chief says.
  10. Police: Ashulia bank robbery planned during Ijtema
    Police DIG: Analysing details of the incident and seized ammunition, we assume that an organised group launched the attack with arms and ammunition to kill people