1. Yemen’s defiant Shiite rebels press their offensive as Saudi Arabia launches airstrikes
    SANAA, Yemen – Yemen’s defiant Shiite rebels pressed their offensive in the country’s south, apparently ignoring an overture from Saudi Arabia earlier this week, while the kingdom’s warplanes continued to target their positions Thursday, officials said.
  2. Yemen’s Shiite Rebels Are Not Iran Proxies: US Intelligence Officials
    American intelligence officials have cautioned against the popular narrative that Yemen’s Shiite rebels are proxies or Iran, noting that Tehran actually counseled them against conquering Yemeni capital Sana’a last year.
  3. Suicide Car Bombing Kills Eight Iraqi Shiite Pilgrims
    Iraqi authorities say a suicide car bomb went off next to a crowd of Shiite pilgrims near the town of Balad as they were returning from the city of Samarra, killing eight and wounding 16.
  4. The Sunni split over Yemen
    As the U.S. increases its role in the military campaign by Gulf Sunni royalists to reverse the gains of the Shiite Houthis in Yemen, those choosing not to participate are telling: Sunni Pakistan and Turkey.
  5. Daesh’s new ‘Green Brigade’ claims Yemen attack
    A new division of Daesh (ISIS) that calls itself the ‘Green Brigade’ has claimed a bombing in Yemen, AFP has reported.
  6. Special Operations: Iran Takes Aim At Jordan
    April 23, 2015: A senior Iranian general recently gave a speech in Iran in which he described Iranian military operations in Iraq and Lebanon as going well and that soon Iran would have a presence in Jordan as well.
  7. My foe’s enemy is my friend
    Once again, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has found herself in an extraordinary moment in time.
  8. Berlin To Host Pro-Hamas Conference Days After Israel Independence Day
    A pro-Hamas conference is slated to take place in Germany next weekend, just days after Israel celebrated its 67th year of independence as a Jewish state.
  9. Deport Tablighi preachers, MHA advises all states
    New Delhi: The intelligence agencies have warned the Narendra Modi government of a threat posed by rising instances of Tablighi preachers entering India on tourist visas and starting religious preaching.
  10. Iran Sent ‘Tens Of Millions’ To Renew Support For Hamas
    The Iranian regime is reviving support for the Sunni terror group ruling Gaza in wake of nuclear agreements with the White House.