1. Is Sunni world suffering from Shia phobia?
    To save their respective monarchies, the Saudi and Gulf rulers, with the help of the western masters, have been whipping up anti-Shia passion ever since the Islamic Revolution in Iran on February 11, 1979.
  2. Shia killing? Shopkeeper shot dead in Peshawar
    PESHAWAR: Unidentified armed men shot dead shopkeeper Abid Hassan Qazalbash, in Pipal Mandi area of Peshawar on Monday night.
  3. Hadi al-Ameri: Anbar Cannot be Liberated Without Shiite Militia
    The commander of the Badr Brigade has declared that liberating Anbar province from Islamic State (IS) is not possible without the participation of the Shiite Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) know as al-Hashid al-Shaabi.
  4. Iranian general accuses Saudis of following in Israeli footsteps The commander of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards accused Saudi Arabia on Monday of following in Israel’s footsteps in the Islamic world by carrying out air strikes in Yemen, the official IRNA news agency reported.
  5. An Iranian general accused the U.S. of having planned and carrying out the 9/11 attacks as a pretext to invade Middle Eastern countries and thus prevent Sunni-Shiite cooperation.
  6. At least three Shia Hazara men were killed and another wounded after unknown assailants opened fire on a bus carrying pilgrims near the Chandni Chowk area in Quetta’s Satellite Town on Monday.
  7. SANAA, Yemen – Yemeni security officials say Saudi-led airstrikes have targeted Shiite rebels across the country and struck a weapons depot in the capital, rocking nearby residential areas.
  8. Says operatives are sent to set up military networks in West Bank, act as messengers between territories and foreign countries, and carry out secret transfers of funds to meet Hamas’ needs; Malaysia denies it.
  9. Iran’s judiciary has banned a magazine for encouraging cohabitation, according to an Iranian newspaper.
  10. New Zealand’s Defence Force chief has completed a secret trip to Iraq to meet with his counterpart.