1. With Saudi Arabia Faltering in Yemen, Power in the Region Has Begun To Swing East
    BEIRUT – Saudi Arabia has announced the end to its campaign in Yemen, but nevertheless air attacks against Ansar Allah and former President Saleh-allied components of the Yemeni army still continue — albeit on a lesser scale.
  2. Iraq government seeks to counter IS propaganda coup
    Baghdad (AFP) – Iraqi authorities are on the defensive after the Islamic State group scored a major propaganda victory with attacks in Anbar, undermining confidence in Baghdad’s attempts to retake the key province.
  3. U.S. asks Iran to help bring Yemeni parties into talks
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States sought Iran’s help to bring Yemen’s warring parties into talks on a political settlement when U.S. and Iranian foreign minister’s met on Monday, a U.S. official said on Wednesday.
  4. Christians are leaving the faith in droves and the trend isn’t slowing down
    An extensive study done by the Pew Research Center has yielded some fascinating information regarding the trajectory of world religions over the next four decades.
  5. Iraqi Shiite cleric threatens US interests over provision in bipartisan Congress spending bill
    BAGHDAD (AP) — An influential Shiite cleric threatened Wednesday to attack U.S. interests in Iraq and abroad over a congressional provision to send arms directly to Sunni and Kurdish fighters.
  6. Officials say bombings around Iraqi capital, Baghdad, kill 8, including Shiite militiamen
    BAGHDAD – Officials say bombings in and around the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, have killed at least eight people.
  7. Yemen’s Shiite rebels and their allies make major advances in city of Aden as fighting rages
    SANAA, Yemen — Yemen’s Shiite rebels and their allies made major advances Wednesday in the southern city of Aden, capturing parts of an upscale neighborhood in fierce combat and seizing men they accused of fighting them.
  8. Iran ‘godfather’ of ISIS militants: opposition leader
    The leader of an exiled Iranian opposition group addressed US lawmakers for the first time Wednesday and warned of the links between Shiite Iran and the Sunni Muslim Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants.
  9. Pentagon says US ‘able to respond’ if needed after Iran seizes cargo ship
    WASHINGTON – The Pentagon said Wednesday that the U.S. would “be able to respond” if necessary to help a Marshall Islands-flagged ship that was diverted, and boarded, a day earlier by Iran — though it remains unclear how far the U.S. Navy might be willing to go if the tense situation escalates.
  10. Iran says Saudi Arabia ‘deserves punishment’ over Yemen strikes
    There is growing tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia after the Yemeni capital Sanaa was again bombarded by Saudi-led forces.