1. Iraq enlists Sunnis for fight against IS in Anbar
    More than 1,000 Sunni fighters from Anbar joined Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation force yesterday as part of government efforts to make the fight against the Islamic State group a cross-sectarian drive.
  2. Somalia leader vowed to fight Shia ideology spread in Somalia
    Banadir regional governor and Mogadishu Mayor Hassan Mohamed Hussein ‘Mungaab’ has vowed to fight Shia ideology spread in Mogadishu.
  3. ​ISIS supporters claim attack on Hamas base in Gaza Strip
    A jihadist group with ties to the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a mortar attack on a Hamas base in the Gaza Strip.
  4. Why war is no option against the Shia-Mullah regime of Iran?
    Radical fundamentalist Shia mullahs having military and religious power in Iran gives them huge advantages in the Middle East and North Africa not available to other states in the region. Properly exploited, these advantages will further advance Iran to the status of regional superpower.
  5. IS claims deadly bombing on Shiite mosque in Iraq
    BAQUBA: The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for a bomb attack on a Shiite mosque in eastern Iraq Friday that officials said killed at least 10 people including a senior policeman.
  6. Shiite militia clashes with locals in Salahaddin town
    TUZ KHURMATU, Salahaddin province – A clash between the Shiite militia Hashd al-Shaabi, or Popular Mobilization Units, and residents of the town of Tuz Khurmatu has left at least two civilians and one militia member injured, a security official told Rudaw.
  7. Saudi-led coalition declares rebel stronghold a war zone, but promises a cease-fire Tuesday
    SANAA, Yemen – A coalition led by Saudi Arabia ordered civilians in rebel strongholds in northern Yemen to flee by nightfall Friday, warning it will strike anything in the region, even as the Saudis pressed for a cease-fire to begin next week.
  8. Saudi protesters demand Shia cleric release
    Large numbers of demonstrators in Saudi Arabia have staged a fresh massive rally, demanding the immediate release of prominent Shia scholar, Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.
  9. Dispute between Islamic sects causes Mideast turmoil
    Beset with increasing protests against them, governments in many parts of the Middle East are struggling to stay afloat. The law and order situation in Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria and Yemen has deteriorated rapidly.
  10. Iran rejects Saudi claims it armed Yemen rebels
    Tehran (AFP) – Iran rejected Friday allegations it was interfering in Yemen by backing Shiite rebels there, accusing Saudi Arabia of seeking to absolve itself of responsibility in the war-torn Arabian Peninsula country.