1. UN officials unhappy with Saudi Arabia’s plans for Yemen aid
    GENEVA — The United Nations and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are locked in a bitter dispute over Riyadh’s insistence that humanitarian aid for Yemen be coordinated through Saudi authorities.
  2. Iran and U.S. cut deal on new diplomatic offices in Washington, Tehran
    The United States, in what may be among the first negotiated deals with Iran since relations broke off in 1980, is allowing the Iranian Interests Section in Washington to move to new headquarters on 23rd Street Northwest in West End.
  3. Pro-Muslim Brotherhood party leader killed in Yemen
    A leading member of the pro-Muslim Brotherhood Islah Party has been killed in confrontations with Shiite Houthi militants in the southwestern province of Taizz, a medical source said Saturday.
  4. Yemen’s Shiite insurgents, army rebels agree to 5-day cease-fire
    Shiite rebels and their allies in Yemen said Sunday they would accept a five-day humanitarian cease-fire to allow aid to reach civilians after more than a month of daily Saudi-led airstrikes.
  5. Saudi-led raids pound Yemen rebels after truce proposal
    The Saudi-led coalition bombed the Yemeni capital’s airport and the Shiite rebels’ northern stronghold on Saturday just hours after proposing a humanitarian ceasefire to start next week.
  6. 30 prisoners killed, 40 escape in Iraq jail break claimed by IS
    Baghdad (AFP) – Dozens of people were killed and 40 inmates escaped in a bloody prison break north of the Iraqi capital for which the Islamic State jihadist group claimed responsibility on Saturday.
  7. Senior Hezbollah commander reportedly killed in Qalamoun clashes
    Marwan Mughniyeh, a senior commander in Hezbollah whose cousin Imad Mughniyeh was allegedly assassinated by Israel, was killed in fierce battles in Syria on Friday, Syrian opposition sources said
  8. Car bomb kills at least seven Shia pligrims in Baghdad
    At least seven people have been killed and several others injured in a car bomb attack that targeted a group of pilgrims in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, security sources say.
  9. Yemen conflict: Many struggle to flee Saada strikes
    The United Nations’ humanitarian coordinator for Yemen has condemned the indiscriminate bombing of northern Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition as contrary to international law.
  10. Report: ISIS Mobilizing in Gaza
    Salafi groups operating in Gaza aligning themselves with ISIS, allegedly looking to become a ‘branch’ of the group’s Sinai division.