1. Saving the Saudis From Their Yemen Disaster
    After a visit by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry last week, Saudi Arabia announced a five-day cease-fire of its bombing campaign in Yemen. It’s a step toward peace — but only a baby step.
  2. Syrian army steps up bid to regain town and rescue besieged troops
    AMMAN/BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syrian troops backed by heavy air strikes have edged closer to a hospital in northwestern Syria where dozens of Syrian soldiers and loyalist fighters have been holed up for the past two weeks, the army said on Sunday.
  3. Yemen air war launched to foil regional plot: Saudi king
    Riyadh (AFP) – The Saudi-led air war on Yemen was launched to foil a plot by a “sectarian group” to undermine security in the region, King Salman said on Sunday.
  4. Syria rebels storm besieged regime loyalists: monitor
    Beirut (AFP) – Rebels including an Al-Qaeda affiliate stormed a complex in northwestern Syria on Sunday where some 250 regime forces and civilians have been trapped for two weeks, a monitoring group said.
  5. King Salman Upends Status Quo in Region and the Royal Family
    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — For much of the past decade, change has come slowly to Saudi Arabia, if at all.
  6. Iran admits new technology makes censorship redundant
    TEHRAN: The Internet and the proliferation of satellite technology mean Iran can no longer control foreign news and television broadcasts, the country’s culture minister said on Sunday, urging a new approach.
  7. Trudy Rubin: Help Sunnis take on ISIS
    When ISIS jihadis poured into Iraq from Syria in June and attacked Sheikh Abdullah al-Yawar’s compound, he urged the Iraqi government to fly weapons to a nearby airfield so his Sunni tribesmen could hit back.
  8. Americans Among The Many Families Escaping Chaos In Yemen
    The Amiri Red Sea was one of many boats ferrying refugees, including some Americans, escaping fighting in Yemen to nearby Djibouti, across the Gulf.
  9. Bombings kill at least 14 in, outside Baghdad
    Separate bombings in and around the Iraqi capital on Sunday killed at least 14 people, officials said, as authorities tightened security measures in Baghdad ahead of a major Shia religious event that draws thousands of vulnerable pilgrims.
  10. 3 nations voice solidarity with senior Saudi Shia cleric
    Protesters in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Iraq have expressed their solidarity with prominent Saudi Shia cleric Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr behind bars in the kingdom.