1. Goodbye my son! After spate of bloody attacks, Shiites flee Pakistan
    After losing one of his two sons to the worst attack against minority Shiites in Pakistan’s history, Ali was determined for the other to find a new life abroad.
  2. ISIS Fighters Seize Government Headquarters in Ramadi, Iraq
    BAGHDAD — In a major setback for the Iraqi government’s efforts to defend its hold on Ramadi, a crucial regional capital, Islamic State militants conquered the city’s government sector on Friday, raising their black flag over the main compound before setting fire to the building, local officials said.
  3. Yemen fighting mars truce as UN envoy pushes for talks
    SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Fighting was underway across Yemen on Friday, the third day of a humanitarian truce between a Saudi-led coalition and Shiite rebels, as the U.N. envoy pushed for holding peace talks in Geneva.
  4. Bahrainis hold protests to support senior Saudi Shia cleric
    People in Bahrain have taken to the streets to show solidarity with prominent Saudi Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, who is facing execution in the kingdom.
  5. KRG monitors Salafi mullahs to thwart ISIS influence
    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is monitoring all Salafi clerics and their mosques in the region to assure they are not recruiting for the Islamic State, according to Mariwan Naqshbandi, an official at the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
  6. For Al-Baghdadi, Islam is a religion of war, a shrewd message according to Father Samir
    The ‘caliph’ urges all Muslims to carry out their ‘hijrah’, emigration, to move from an Islam of peace to one of war, imitating Muhammad and his Hegira (in 622).
  7. Beware of the Muslim Brotherhood, expert warns
    Authorities should be concerned about the unseen hand of the Muslim Brotherhood gripping sections of Canada’s diverse Muslim community, says a U.S. security expert.
  8. After Gulf incident, Iran says ship ‘damaged oil rig’
    Tehran (AFP) – A Singapore-flagged ship that allegedly came under fire from Iranian forces in the Gulf was wanted for causing $300 million in damage to an oil rig, an Iranian official said Friday.
  9. Iraq has few ways to help yet another generation traumatized by war
    CHAMISHKO CAMP, Iraq (AP) — The group of women, members of Iraq’s Yazidi religious minority, first did deep breathing as a relaxation technique. Then, as their children played in the center of the room, they talked about the traumas they had lived through when Islamic State extremists rampaged through their town.
  10. Has Saudi Arabia already won its Yemen war?
    Despite the current humanitarian ceasefire, Saudi Arabia’s military operation in Yemen is now in its second month with no end in sight and no sign that any of the parties are willing to negotiate.