1. Islamic State killed hundreds as it took Iraq’s Ramadi; Shiite militias vow counter-offensive
    BAGHDAD — The Islamic State group killed at least 500 people — both civilians and Iraqi soldiers — and forced 8,000 to flee their homes as it captured the city of Ramadi, a provincial official said Monday, while Shiite militias vowed to mount a counter-offensive and reclaim the Anbar provincial capital.
  2. Iran-aligned Shiite militias gather to join fight against Islamic State gains
    BAGHDAD — Iranian-allied ­Shiite militias mobilized fighters Monday to try to wrest back the capital of Iraq’s largest province from Islamic State fighters, raising the specter of a major clash that could inflame the country’s sectarian relations.
  3. US fears Shia militias could worsen Iraqi sectarian fires
    The use of Shia militias to try to take back the Iraqi city of Ramadi from Islamic State risks unleashing more sectarian bloodletting, current and former US officials said, but Washington and Baghdad appear to have few other options.
  4. Saudis procuring nukes from Pak: US officials
    WASHINGTON: Saudi Arabia is long suspected to have bankrolled Pakistan’s nuclear program under an arrangement that it would have access to atomic bombs if its existence is threatened.
  5. Shia militias mass near Ramadi, Iraq
    Shia militias have begun gathering close to the Iraqi city of Ramadi, which was captured by the Islamic State on Sunday.
  6. Iran Challenges U.S. and Saudi Arabia by Sending Aid Ship to Rebels in Yemen
    A Saudi-led coalition is trying to defeat an insurrection against the Yemeni government that they believe is partly funded by Iran
  7. Iran uses maritime confrontations to project power in Gulf
    ANKARA (Reuters) – Iran is using its sea power in the Gulf to show it will not be cowed by Washington’s newly assertive Arab allies, prompting critics to accuse Tehran of destabilizing the region.
  8. Middle East turmoil if Morsi executed: Turkey
    ANKARA: Turkey’s presidential spokesman said Monday that the Middle East would be thrown into turmoil if death sentences handed down in Egypt to former President Mohammad Morsi and other senior Islamist figures were carried out.
  9. Saudi warplanes pound various cities across Yemen
    Saudi warplanes have once again pounded various cities across Yemen as Riyadh’s brutal military campaign against the impoverished Arab country continues unabated.
  10. Egyptian forces use sex abuse to stymie protesters: Rights group
    An international human rights group has accused Egyptian security forces of using sexual violence on a massive scale against anti-government detainees to “eliminate public protest.”