1. Commander of elite Tajik police force defects to Islamic State
    ALMATY (Reuters) – The U.S.-trained commander of Tajikistan’s elite police force has defected to Islamic State, he said in a YouTube video, and his former unit will issue a statement condemning him, media said on Thursday.
  2. Christian beheads jihadist in Syria revenge killing: monitor
    Beirut (AFP) – A Syrian Christian fighter has beheaded an Islamic State group (IS) militant to avenge people “executed” by the jihadists in northeastern Syria, a monitor said on Friday.
  3. IS claims suicide bombing on Shiite mosque in Saudi, 4 dead
    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — A suicide bomber disguised as a woman blew himself up in the parking lot of a Shiite mosque during Friday prayers, killing four people in the second such attack in as many weeks claimed by the Islamic State group.
  4. Kurds In Iraq And Syria Move Closer Together In ISIS Fight Because Blood ‘Trumps Everything’
    WASHINGTON — In an important development for the fight against the Islamic State group, the Kurdish forces in Iraq and Syria are drawing closer together, according to the top U.S. representative of the Iraqi Kurds.
  5. Truck bombs: the Islamic State’s ‘air force’
    Baghdad (AFP) – They’re easy to drive and hard to stop, can be made on a farm and destroy a city block: the Islamic State group’s monstrous truck bombs are reshaping the battlefield.
  6. Saudi Arabia is no friend to the United States
    In my Post colleague Charles Krauthammer’s May 21 op-ed column, “You want hypotheticals? Here’s one,” former Saudi Arabian intelligence chief Prince Turki al-Faisal was quoted approvingly as complaining: “We were America’s best friend in the Arab world for 50 years.” Note the past tense.
  7. Yemen’s Saleh says Saudi offered him ‘millions’ to fight Huthis
    Dubai (AFP) – Yemen’s ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh said in an interview broadcast Friday he had rejected “millions of dollars” Saudi Arabia offered him if he stood up to the Shiite rebels.
  8. ‘The blind judge of the Islamic State’ just gave a speech 80 miles from Baghdad
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A senior Islamic State figure known as “the blind judge” has made an appearance in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, asserting the militant group’s dominion over it as security forces and Shi’ite militias prepare a counter-attack.
  9. ISIS Threat In Gaza Turns Hamas Into A Counterterrorism Player For Israel And Egypt
    The scene earlier this month in the Gaza Strip was unusual to say the least: Hamas, the hardcore Sunni Muslim group ruling the Gaza Strip, was bulldozing a Sunni mosque in the heart of Gaza.