1. Russia wants answers about Syria chlorine attacks
    United Nations (United States) (AFP) – Russia backs moves to determine who is responsible for a wave of chlorine gas attacks in Syria that the West blames on the Damascus regime, Moscow’s ambassador to the United Nations said Wednesday.
  2. Iraq, Iran fighters deployed to defend Damascus: security source
    Beirut (AFP) – Thousands of Iranian and Iraqi fighters have been deployed in Syria in past weeks to bolster the defences of Damascus and its surroundings, a Syrian security source told AFP on Wednesday.
  3. Al-Qaeda’s Syria chief says IS caliphate ‘illegitimate’
    Beirut (AFP) – The chief of Al-Qaeda’s Syria affiliate described the rival Islamic State group’s self-proclaimed caliphate as “illegitimate”, in a wide-ranging television interview aired on Wednesday.
  4. Suicide bombs strike Saudi fault line as Islamic State widens war
    Riyadh: Waist-high concrete barriers are being installed around al-Anoud mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia, and young Shiite men in yellow vests search worshippers arriving for midday prayers.
  5. In Iran, Female Genital Mutilation Embraced By Sunni Muslims As Shiite Government Looks The Other Way
    Female genital mutilation is increasingly being carried out in Iran as government leaders have largely turned a blind eye toward the practice, according to a study released Thursday.
  6. Saudis Bury Bomb Victims Amid Fears of More Attacks
    Shia community readying for more assaults after Islamic State warning it would drive them out of region.
  7. Sunni tribes in Iraq’s Anbar province pledge support to ISIL
    A number of Sunni tribal sheikhs and tribes in Iraq’s Anbar province have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a defection that comes as a major blow to the Iraqi government as it struggles to roll the Sunni insurgents back.
  8. Iraq: ISIS fighters close Ramadi dam gates, cut off water to loyalist towns
    Baghdad, Iraq (CNN)ISIS has closed off a dam to the north of the Iraqi city of Ramadi — seized by its forces last month — cutting water supplies to pro-government towns downstream and making it easier for its fighters to attack forces loyal to Baghdad, local officials and residents said.
  9. More than 10,000 Isis fighters killed in Iraq and Syria since start of US-led campaign, claims official
    More than 10,000 Isis militants have been killed in Iraq and Syria since the US-led international coalition started air strikes against them last year, a politician has claimed.
  10. Fellow Passenger Claims Diet Coke Muslim Tahera Ahmad is a Rude Liar
    Tahera Ahmad, who is linked to assorted Muslim Brotherhood pressure groups like CAIR and ISNA, claimed that the flight attendant denied her an unopened Diet Coke and gave her an opened Diet Coke instead.