1. In Syria, Al Qaeda affiliate reportedly slaughters minority Druze
    The group’s claims that it wouldn’t treat religious minorities in Syria savagely if it comes to power aren’t holding up in reality.
  2. Syrians fleeing to an ISIS border crossing are exposing Turkey’s open secret
    Pipes, ammonium nitrate, and other bomb-making materials are being transported across Turkey’s border into Syria by agents of ISIS while Turkish border guards look the other way — and Ankara hasn’t been willing to do much about it.
  3. ISIS is launching more and more car bombs
    The Iraqi press seemed to get back to its normal level of reporting on security in Iraq during the first week of June 2015.
  4. Iraqi forces: ‘We don’t need training, we need weapons’
    Al-Mazraa, Iraq (CNN)Al-Mazraa is a dusty village just south of Baiji, where a battle is raging between ISIS fighters and pro-government Iraqi forces trying to push them out.
  5. Life In Mosul, A Year After ISIS Took Over
    A year after Islamic State militants overran Iraqi security forces to seize Mosul, life in Iraq’s second-largest city has become rife with oppression. Women’s rights are restricted under penalty of flogging, minorities have had their homes seized and brutal laws are in effect.
  6. Crunch time coming for Saudi campaign as options narrow in Yemen
    NAJRAN, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) – After 11 weeks of air strikes that have failed to change the balance of power in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is running out of options to restore President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s exiled government to Sanaa.
  7. Al Qaeda leaders say group near collapse amid rise of ISIS, report claims
    Two of Al Qaeda’s spiritual leaders have said that the terror organization is barely functioning after losing money and manpower to the rapidly rising Islamic State group, according to a report.
  8. Iraq’s Horrors by the Numbers: Has Islamic State Killed 50,000 People in One Year?
    The Human Rights Commission of Iraq, a body attached to the Iraqi parliament, issued statistics on Wednesday for the one-year impact of Daesh (ISIL, ISIS) on that country.