1. Saudi Arabia helps ISIS with anti-Shia ideology
    WASHINGTON, June 3, 2015 — Over the last 10 days, Saudi Arabia has experienced terrorist attacks on Shia mosques, with attackers killing men, women and children as they pray for peace.
  2. Malaysia, Indonesia agree to take in stranded migrants
    Malaysia and Indonesia said on Wednesday they would offer shelter to 7,000 Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar and Bangladeshi migrants adrift at sea in rickety boats, but made clear that their assistance was temporary and they would take no more.
  3. Iran nuclear talks ‘virtually stalled’, deadline may be missed – TASS
    Nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers have virtually stalled and a deadline for a final deal may have to be postponed again, Russian news agency TASS quoted a diplomatic source as saying on Friday.
  4. Militants attack government forces near Iraq’s Baiji refinery
    Islamic State militants attacked government forces and their Shi’ite militia allies on Saturday, killing 11 near the city of Baiji as part of the battle for control of Iraq’s biggest refinery, army and police sources said.
  5. UNESCO condemns ancient houses’ destruction in Sanaa ‘strike’
    Sanaa (AFP) – UNESCO condemned the destruction Friday of ancient houses described as a “jewel” of Islamic urban landscape in an alleged Saudi-led air strike on the Yemeni capital’s old quarter that killed five people.
  6. Nine dead in air raid on area inhabited by Yemeni ex-leader’s relatives
    Nine people were killed when Saudi-led coalition warplanes bombed a district in the Yemeni capital Sanaa inhabited by relatives of ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, residents and medics said.
  7. 23 Salafists sentenced to 14 years for killing four Shiites
    CAIRO: An Egyptian court has sentenced 23 Salafists to 14 years in high security prison for killing Shia leader Hassan Shehata and three other members of the Shiite Muslim community in June 2013, an incident that was videotaped.
  8. Body of Saddam’s former aide in Jordan for burial
    The body of Tariq Aziz, a top diplomat under the regime of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, has been flown to Jordan for burial, after it was reportedly snatched from the Baghdad International Airport.
  9. An Iraqi General’s ‘Plan’ To Retake Mosul Is A Fantasy
    The desire may be there, but the troops are not. Baghdad’s nowhere near ready to liberate ISIS’s de facto capital in the north.
  10. 57 killed in Iraq as US military advisors arrive
    Eighty US military advisors reached Iraq’s western province of Anbar on Saturday to train Iraqi forces and Sunni tribal fighters even as suicide car bombings and an airstrike against Islamic State (IS) militants killed at least 57 people across the country, officials and security sources said.