1. Islamic State’s Saudi branch calls for clearing Arabian Peninsula of Shi’ites
    DUBAI (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s branch of militant group Islamic State has said it wants to clear the Arabian Peninsula of Shi’ite Muslims and urged young men in the kingdom to join its cause, the U.S.-based SITE monitoring center has reported.
  2. Iran urges France not to miss out on $80 billion of transport deals
    PARIS (Reuters) – Iran’s transport minister said on Tuesday there was about $80 billion worth of business up for grabs in his sector, including the renewal of the country’s air fleet, but warned France it risked missing out unless it changed its stance toward Tehran.
  3. Taliban warn IS leader not to interfere in Afghanistan
    The Taliban Tuesday warned the leader of the Islamic State group against waging a parallel insurgency in Afghanistan, after a string of defections and reported clashes with militants loyal to IS.
  4. IS suffers ‘biggest setback’ as Kurds take Syria border town
    Akçakale (Turkey) (AFP) – Kurdish fighters seized control Tuesday of a key border town from the Islamic State group, cutting a major supply line in the biggest setback yet for the jihadists in Syria.
  5. ‘Living with fear’: Syrian refugees recall IS-ruled Tal Abyad
    Akçakale (Turkey) (AFP) – Amputations ordered by a sharia court. Black-clad police patrolling the streets. Living in a climate of constant fear.
  6. Yemen rebels accuse Saudi of trying to sabotage peace talks
    Geneva (AFP) – Iran-backed Yemeni rebels on Tuesday accused Saudi Arabia of trying to sabotage peace talks in Geneva and claimed the exiled government was trying to impose its own agenda on the UN.
  7. Will Egypt send Morsi to the gallows?
    Egypt’s court decision on Tuesday to uphold the death sentence against deposed President Mohamed Morsi for his alleged role in a series of jailbreaks and deadly attacks on police during the 2011 uprising means the country could soon carry out the first execution of an ex-head of state since Iraq hanged Saddam Hussein in 2006.
  8. Anger over Arab wars fuels jihadi threat in Saudi Arabia
    RIYADH (Reuters) – Sophisticated attacks by an Islamic State branch in Saudi Arabia show the jihadist group is better established there than previously suspected, and that fueled by anger over Arab civil wars, Riyadh’s militancy problem is not going away.
  9. Yemen Rebels Snub Government, Demand Talks With Saudis
    GENEVA — Iran-backed Yemeni rebels on Tuesday accused Saudi Arabia of trying to sabotage UN peace talks in Geneva and ruled out negotiations with the exiled government saying it lacked legitimacy.
  10. Yemen: the Unesco heritage slowly being destroyed
    The Unesco World Heritage Site Old City of Sana’a in Yemen is the latest of the Middle East’s ancient settlements to be ravaged by conflict