1. Iraq forces made ‘unauthorised’ withdrawal from Ramadi: PM
    Baghdad (AFP) – Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Saturday that Iraqi forces made an “unauthorised” withdrawal from Ramadi last month, leading to the Islamic State group’s takeover of the Anbar provincial capital.
  2. American Al Qaeda to ISIS: No Paradise for You
    The atrocities committed by the terror group ISIS are so horrific that a high-profile al Qaeda member, an American citizen, purportedly addressed the group directly in a new al Qaeda publication and lectured them that if they keep it up, Allah will not grant them paradise in the afterlife.
  3. Saudi Foreign Reserves Drop for Fourth Month to $672 Billion
    Saudi Arabia’s foreign reserve assets fell for a fourth month to about $672 billion as the kingdom grapples with lower oil prices and the costs of Yemen’s war, though the pace of the drop slowed.
  4. Iran Nuclear Deal Close to Completion, EU’s Mogherini Says
    Diplomats in Vienna are close to clinching a historic deal to curb Iran’s nuclear program, according to European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini.
  5. ISIS Is Selling Looted Art Online for Needed Cash
    The Whatsapp message appeared on his iPhone: photos of an ancient Mesopotamian vase worth $250,000, part of a highly-valued set, is waiting to be extracted.
  6. Activists: IS fighters kill 200 civilians in Syrian town
    BEIRUT (AP) — Islamic State fighters who launched a surprise attack on a Syrian border town massacred more than 200 civilians, including women and children, before they were killed or driven out by Kurdish forces, activists said on Saturday.
  7. Isis Threatens Ramadan Attack in Bahrain; Minister Calls for Common Mosques for Shias and Sunnis After Kuwait Bombing
    Following the deadly bombing by the Islamic State at a Shia mosque in Kuwait during the Friday prayers last week, Bahrain’s foreign minister has called for common mosques for Shias and Sunnis to ward off militant attacks.
  8. Saudi man identified as being behind Kuwait suicide bombing
    A Saudi citizen has been identified by Kuwait as being the suicide bomber who detonated his explosives at a Shia mosque in Kuwait during noon prayers last Friday, killing 27 members of the congregation and wounding 227. Islamic State (IS) has admitted the attack, the first of its kind in Kuwait.
  9. Shias, Sunnis appeal for peace during Iftar in Chennai
    CHENNAI: Amidst the backdrop of attacks on Shia Muslims in different parts of the world, Chennai sent out a message of unity, harmony and peace to convey the true meaning of Islam.
  10. IS threat grows at ‘caliphate’ enters second year
    BEIRUT: The Islamic State group’s “caliphate” enters its second year Monday with the jihadists expanding their territory in Syria and Iraq and their global reach by claiming attacks in Tunisia and Kuwait.