1. In first, IS beheads two Syria women for ‘sorcery’: NGO
    Beirut (AFP) – Islamic State jihadists have beheaded two women in Syria for “witchcraft and sorcery”, a monitor said on Tuesday, in the group’s first known decapitation of female civilians.
  2. New airstrikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq
    Gen. Richard Myers, USAF (Ret.), and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani on the fight against ISIS, the July Fourth terror warnings and the Iran nuclear talks.
  3. REPORT: ISIS just executed its top official in Mosul for planning a coup
    Reports have emerged that ISIS has executed one of its top administrative officials in Iraq’s second-largest city of Mosul for planning a coup against the extremist group.
  4. ISIS an un-Islamic group, says Hurriyat chief Geelani
    Hardline Hurriyat chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Sunday described Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Boko Haram-like organisations as un-Islamic.
  5. Erdogan and Turkey move toward once-unthinkable grand coalition
    ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has built a career on attacking the elite, secularist tradition reviled by many of his pious supporters. In the heat of political battle, he has even accused secular opponents of allying with terrorists.
  6. Islamic State threatens to topple Hamas in Gaza
    CAIRO (Reuters) – Islamic State insurgents threatened on Tuesday to turn the Gaza Strip into another of their Middle East fiefdoms, accusing Hamas, the organization that rules the Palestinian territory, of being insufficiently stringent about religious enforcement.
  7. Year into Sisi’s power, Egyptians lament persistent hardships
    CAIRO (Reuters) – After a year in power, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s aura of invincibility may be fading as he comes under closer scrutiny from a public growing impatient with the same social inequalities that triggered a mass uprising in 2011.
  8. IS fighters stage surprise attack on key Syrian border town
    BEIRUT (AP) — Islamic State fighters on Tuesday launched a surprise attack on a Syrian border town recently seized by U.S.-backed Kurdish forces, taking positions in the eastern part of the town and waging fierce gun battles with its defenders, activists said.
  9. Fighters loyal to Islamic State have seized substantial territory in Afghanistan for the first time
    Fighters loyal to Islamic State have seized substantial territory in Afghanistan for the first time, witnesses and officials said, wresting areas in the east from rival Taliban insurgents in a new threat to stability.
  10. 28 dead in IS-claimed attack on Shiites in Yemen
    An attack on Huthi rebel leaders in Yemen’s capital claimed by the Islamic State group has killed at least 28 people, medics said on Tuesday (Jun 30), in the latest anti-Shiite assault by the Sunni extremists.