1. Turkey is paying a high price for its double standards over ISIS
    A spate of ISIL terrorist attacks against Turkey is the reason President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has agreed to allow US warplanes access to Turkish air bases
  2. Turkish attacks on Kurds muddle Obama’s Islamic State fight
    ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — President Barack Obama’s stepped-up partnership with Turkey in fighting the Islamic State may come at the cost of alienating another key group he’s counting on for help in the same conflict: the Kurds.
  3. Has Iran Cut Off Hamas? Is Hamas Turning to Saudi Arabia? (Video)
    Newsweek is reporting that Iran has cut off funding to Hamas in Gaza, citing Israeli journalism and Hamas sources.
  4. Catfished! Girls Scam ISIS on Social Media for Travel Money
    If you’re low on funds for that big vacation, you could always ask to borrow some, run a Kickstarter campaign … or swindle a couple of Islamic State recruiters.
  5. The Top Six Signs That Islamic State Is Doomed (Video)
    It has been over a year since Mosul fell to Daesh (ISIS, ISIL).
  6. Islamic State Gains in Syria Push United Nations Into Action
    Recent military gains by Islamic State and the goodwill created with the Iran nuclear deal have prompted the United Nations into action to stop the carnage in Syria.
  7. Kuwait breaks up new IS cell: Ministry
    Kuwait City: Kuwait has broken up a new five-member cell of alleged members of the Islamic State jihadist group one month after a deadly bombing at a Shiite mosque, the interior ministry said on Thursday.
  8. In Pakistan, Extremist Group Expands Its Reach
    KARACHI, Pakistan—In this sprawling metropolis of 20 million, access to water is a daily struggle for many. In Orangi Town, one of its roughest neighborhoods, some residents have found a way to meet that need: by turning to the country’s biggest Islamic extremist group.
  9. A Swiss convert to Shia Islam: Prophetic quote narrated by Al-Bukhari was reason to follow Ahlul-Bayt’s belief
    Ahlul Bayt News Agency – Haoja, who is of Macedonian origin, from Switzerland, has converted into Islam in 2008.