1. Islamic State’s destruction of Roman temple in Syria is war crime – UNESCO
    Islamic State’s demolition of an renowned ancient Roman temple in the Syrian city of Palmyra is a war crime that targeted an historic symbol of the country’s diversity, the U.N. cultural agency UNESCO said on Monday.
  2. U.S., Turkey to launch ‘comprehensive’ anti-Islamic State operation
    Turkey and the United States will soon launch “comprehensive” air operations to flush Islamic State fighters from a zone in northern Syria bordering Turkey, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told Reuters on Monday.
  3. UK says Iran sanctions could be lifted next spring
    International sanctions on Iran could start to be lifted as early as spring next year, Britain’s foreign minister said on Monday, as Tehran and the West rebuild their ties and potentially open up billions of dollars of trade deals.
  4. Britain says wants to work with Iran on trade and investment
    Britain said on Sunday that it wanted to work with Iran’s central bank to make it easier for UK banks to finance trade and investment in the country after a thaw in diplomatic relations.
  5. Iran relations ‘important’ but Hammond urges caution
    Britain is right to work towards good relations with Iran but should “tread carefully”, the foreign secretary said.
  6. Islamic State executes four people in central Libyan city – residents
    Islamic State has executed four people in the central Libyan city of Sirte, including at least one member of a rival group whose body was put on display, according to residents and a video published on social media on Monday.
  7. 100 Gaza fighters pledge allegiance to ISIS
    TEL AVIV – Marking a significant development in Middle East affairs, 100 jihadist fighters in the Gaza Strip associated with the ultra-conservative Salafi movement of Sunni Islam have pledged their allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a Salafist jihadi source in Gaza told WND.
  8. Mideast leaders flood to Moscow for Syrian talks, aerospace salon
    Moscow (AFP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin is to host the Jordanian King and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in Moscow on Tuesday to discuss the Syrian crisis and take part in a showcase of Russia’s military industry.
  9. Iraq’s Sadr calls on Shiite followers to join Friday protests in Baghdad
    BAGHDAD, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) — Iraq’s firebrand Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Monday called on his followers to join Friday demonstrations in the capital of Baghdad to protest corruption and lack of public services.
  10. Bahrain arrests former Shiite lawmaker after trip to Iran
    MANAMA, Bahrain — Bahrain detained a former lawmaker after he visited Iran on charges of financing terrorism and being involved in a bombing that killed two police officers, accusations the Gulf nation’s largest opposition group dismissed Monday as “absolute nonsense.”