1. In Syria, Potential Ally’s Islamist Ties Challenge U.S.
    ANTAKYA, Turkey — A rebel group with thousands of fighters, political clout and close ties to key regional powers has emerged as one of the most powerful opposition forces in Syria in recent months.
  2. Syria conflict: New ‘IS chemical attack’
    Islamic State (IS) militants may have used chemical weapons in an attack on a town in northern Syria on Friday.
  3. Turkey to join coalition’s air fight against Islamic State soon – Pentagon
    The United States and Turkey have finalised technical details on an agreement to include Turkey in an international effort to bring down the Islamic State, fully integrating Turkey into the U.S.-led coalition’s air strikes against the militant group, a Pentagon spokesman said on Tuesday.
  4. Islamic State shows images of ancient Syrian temple destruction
    Islamic State militants published photos on Tuesday purporting to show the destruction of a Roman-era temple in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, an act the U.N. cultural agency UNESCO has called a war crime.
  5. Girl suicide bomber kills five in northeast Nigeria
    A teenage suicide bomber detonated an explosive device strapped to her body in the northeastern Nigerian city of Damaturu early on Tuesday, killing five people and wounding about 30, police said.
  6. Spain, Morocco arrest 14 suspected of recruiting for Islamic State
    Spain and Morocco arrested 14 people on Tuesday suspected of planning attacks and recruiting fighters to join Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, the Spanish government said.
  7. Moroccan charged with terror attack on French train
    Paris (AFP) – Prosecutors have charged a Moroccan man over last week’s attack on a high-speed French train, accusing him of a “targeted and premeditated” jihadist assault that would have ended in carnage had passengers not intervened.
  8. Assad ‘confident’ of Russian support for Syria regime
    Beirut (AFP) – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad expressed “strong confidence” Tuesday that Russia will continue supporting his embattled regime, speaking in an interview with Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television network.
  9. Bahrain Shiite ‘Sheikh Ali Rahma’ questioned over criticizing Jaffaria Endowments
    Ahlul Bayt News Agency – Member of the Bahrain Ulama Islamic Council, Sheikh Fadhel Al-Zaki, said that the authorities summoned on Monday (August 24, 2015) Shiite cleric Sheikh Ali Rahma for questioning at the Hamad Town police station over “criticizing the Jaffaria Endowments Directorate (Waqf) and its violations of the Islamic jurisprudence,” and then released him.
  10. Iran enlists Afghan refugees as fighters to bolster Syria’s Assad
    The fate of two brothers from Kabul, one grievously wounded, the other killed fighting in Syria, spotlights Iran’s covert but active recruitment of Afghan refugees to buttress President Bashar al-Assad’s steadily depleting forces.