1. Syria’s Refugees Feel More Welcome in Europe Than in the Gulf
    Syrians who want an ‘honorable life’ say that’s something they can hope for in western Europe, not the Gulf states.
  2. Putin says Assad agrees to early parliamentary polls
    Moscow (AFP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was willing to hold early parliamentary elections and share power with the “healthy” opposition.
  3. Iranian official hints at prisoner swap for US reporter
    Washington (AFP) – The speaker of Iran’s parliament hinted in a US radio interview at the possibility of a prisoner swap to free detained Iranian-American journalist Jason Rezaian.
  4. Pentagon chief says Iran deal strengthens US military option
    Washington (AFP) – US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter offered assurances Friday that the Iran nuclear deal will leave Washington with a “more effective” military option if that becomes necessary.
  5. UAE, Bahrain lose 50 troops on deadliest day for Yemen coalition
    Abu Dhabi (AFP) – The UAE said 45 of its soldiers fighting rebels in Yemen were killed in an arms depot blast, while five border guards from Bahrain died in the deadliest day yet for the Saudi-led coalition.
  6. Images of drowned toddler enrage Syrian refugees
    Amman (AFP) – Syrian refugee Abu al-Yaman said that when he saw the photo of little Aylan lying face down on a Turkish beach, “I hugged my daughter tightly, imagining she could have been that innocent child.”
  7. Indian Muslim Ulema Who Insist On Retaining the Anti-Qur’anic Triple Talaq (Instant Divorce) In Muslim Personal Law Are Sinners, Haters of Their Women-Folk and Criminals and Must Be Resisted
    My article referenced below tables the following compelling arguments on the strength of the Qur’an to show that the triple talaq is diametrically opposed to its message.
  8. Is Iraq too broke to fight ISIS?
    Iraq’s ability to fight Islamic State extremists who control roughly a third of the country is hampered by a financial crisis that’s left the Baghdad government operating “hand to mouth,” Iraqi Ambassador Lukman Faily warned this week.
  9. Millions pour into aid groups after toddler’s death
    THE HAGUE, Netherlands – Millions of euros in donations flooded into aid groups Friday, September 4 from across Europe and the US from people heart-broken by photos of a drowned Syrian toddler lying washed up on a Turkish beach.
  10. How Islamic is the “Islamic State”?
    About 3 million Iraqis displaced, around 4 million of Syrians fleeing their country in tremendous horror. Women captured, beheaded for refusing to indulge in sex-slavery. Mosques being bombarded in Muslim countries. Hundreds of civilians being killed in just minutes by missiles and air strikes.